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Laughing Reaper

Cosplay to Die for!

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Type of Items to be featured:
  • Laughing Reaper Excusive Items
    • Button Pins/ Magnets of Anime or Video Game designs
    • Hellsing swatch patches
    • Mock Security Sign Magnets & Decals
    • Cosplay Repair Kits
    • Decal Sheets for our Alucard Replica Guns Joshua & Jackal
    • WARHAMMER 40k Swatch Patches
    • WARHAMMER 40k Purity Seal Wall Hangings
    • Temporary Tattoos
  • Laughing Reaper Overflow Stock Items
    • Alucard Gloves
    • Alucard Glasses
  • Baskat's handcrafted jewelry (over stock from conventions, etc)
    • Wired wrapped pieces
    • Steampunk inspired pins and pendants