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Think of the questions your customers ask most frequently and write them here along with the answers.

A: We aim to make the best items, hence cosplay to die for!
  • We use quality materials like solid wood, ABS plastics, and durable cotton fabrics
  • We make our props durable and our cosplays washable (unless you request a vinyl) so that they last!
  • We make your items as if they were made for ourselves
  • We love compliments so we want our items to be worthy of HIGH praise
  • We aim to respond quickly to e-mails so to answer questions quickly and give updates when requested.

A1: Payment Types
  • We prefer Paypal because it's quick, easy, and gives both parties a transaction record (this is how we handle credit cards)
    • Any Paypal payments should be sent to -OR-
  • We also accept Checks, Money Orders, and Money Transfer like Western Union
  • We also accept Cash BUT we do NOT recomend this if payment is to be mailed. If the letter is lost, cash can not be canceled like a check or most money orders. Cash is fine when paying in person because it is being handed straight to us.
  • Please see our Payment page for a direct link to use PayPal as well as our address to send payments via mail.

A2: Payment Options

  • Typically FULL payment is due at the time the order is confirmed
  • IF the order is for a larger amount ($250 or more), we offer a half/ half payment option where half of he total is due at the time of the order while the remaining half balance is due before we ship (we will NOT ship until payment is received).
    • Half payments are rounded up to the nearest $5 increment. For example, if your order total was $265 then the exact half would be $132.50. BUT we round that up to the nearest $5 increment so for $265 the first half payment would be $135 (paid when the order is confirmed) while the remaining half would be $130 (paid before shipping).
  • Sometimes an order's pricing can be higher so for orders that are ($800 or more) we would offer a similar option but in thirds. One third would be due at the time the order was confirmed, another 1/3 due in the middle or when you are able, and the remaining third would be due before we ship (we will NOT ship until payment is received). 
    • Like the Half/ half payment option, thirds are rounded up to the nearest $5 increment.

A1: Domestic Shipping (US, Canada)
  • We use UPS Ground because it is reliable and includes a tracking number which is e-mailed when we ship
  • We are located in Mountain Home, ID (zip 83647) so it's takes about 1 week to arrive unless you are in a nearby state.
  • General UPS Ground Shipping Prices
    • Continental US
      • Typically starts at $30
    • Non-Continental US (Hawaii, Alaska)
      • Typically $55 MORE than continental US and starts at $85
    • Canada
      • Typically starts at $40
      • Takes about 2 weeks for delivery, unless customs are running slow
      • ANY and ALL Import Taxes and Fees are the responsibility of the customer!
  • For very SMALL orders like a single pair of Alucard gloves, we offer a cheaper USPS Priority option for $8

A1: International Shipping

  • Yes, we ship internationally (UK is pretty popular)
  • We use USPS Priority International shipping for international orders
  • Prices typically start at $50
  • Takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive, unless customs are running slow
  • ANY and ALL Import Taxes and Fees are the responsibility of the customer!
  • Please check with your Post Office or Mail Delivery Clerk what is allowed and NOT allowed to be imported (please read the International Import Notice below)

*  *  *  *  International Import Laws & Prevention of Item Disposal  *  *  *  *

  • It is very important that -you- the customer check with your Post Office or Mail Delivery Clerk about your countries import laws.
  • Some countries have strict rules and do NOT allow weapon replicas like gun to be imported.
    • For Example, Australia does NOT allow the import or airsoft or gun replicas because they are illegal.(and yet you can get a real gun). If we did NOT already know of this and you did not tell us otherwise, we would ship the weapon/ gun replica and the Australian customs office would check, X-ray, and then DESTROY/ DISPOSE of the package without notification. We do NOT want this to happen to you.
  • We can not be 100% about another countries import laws without your help.
  • We at Laughing Reaper will NOT be held responsible if an item is destroyed because it was not allowed to be imported. NO REFUND would be made because it was not our responsibility to check your countries import laws. We do NOT want this to happen to you, no one will be happy if it does.

A: We make ALL our props to be CON friendly, unless otherwise requested
CON Friendly
  • Basically, the prop is safe and will not cause injury to others (or worry non-con onlookers)
  • Our props do NOT have sharp edges. Bladed weapons are sanded and made blunt so to prevent accidents
  • For gun replicas
    • We will add orange caps to the gun replicas' barrels so to visibly show the replicas are fake and NOT real
    • We offer NON-moving options (solid replicas) so that a convention's security crew do not confiscate your prop
  • We try our best to design the props to be as light as they can be while maintaining a strong structure and durability (who wants to be carrying around a 50LB prop all day long at a convention)
NON-Con Friendly
  • This can vary between conventions. Larger conventions tend to be more strict because of the larger number of attendees.
  • Size can be a factor. Some conventions like Otakon have a size limitation for props of 6.5ft (previously 8ft).
  • Moving parts can be a cause of worry because they could look too real, could 'move' without notice and cause injury.
  • Most conventions will prohibit the use of live steel, working airsoft guns, metal objects, etc. for the safety of the attendees.


A: Depending on the item ordered, your size could be as simple as Small or Large.

Please refer to our Measurement Sheet PDF to figure our your sizing and what measurements you might need to give:

Measurement PDF Sheets

 General Measurements

 Special: Long Gloves

 Special: Helmets



 Special: Armor - Arms

  Special: Armor - Legs