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Laughing Reaper

Cosplay to Die for!

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What is Laughing Reaper?

Laughing Reaper is a custom cosplay production group that started in late 2006. Our friends and coworkers were so impressed with our past cosplays they started requesting advice and commissions for props and costumes. With more and more people asking about our cosplays, we thought we would share our skills with the larger cosplay community.



Meet the grim reaping members of Laughing Reaper:

Baskat, Costume Designer


Baskat is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology with a degree in Architectural Engineering. She is a self-taught sewer and has been sewing our own costumes for many years (prior to our 2006 opening) and pays great attention to detail.


Alot of needles are lost and alot of time is spent figuring out every aspect of the costume before she begins. Baskat  makes sure the finshed cosplays are durable and lasting with finished edges and secure attachements. She tries to design the cosplays to be like actual clothing so it's easy to wear.



"I'm on pins -n- needles!
*Twirls paw evilly*" -Baskat Profile: "Baskat" Profile: "Baskat"
GothX, Prop Designer

GothX is a graduate of Gibbs College with a degree in Graphic Design. He started young with hot wiring his playstion2 with window screening wire. Since then he has worked making props and sets for an event decor company. For the years prior to our 2006 opening, he has been specifically been making our cosplay props.... just take a look at his Alucard replica guns and other replicas in our Gallery!



"You'd be amazed what you can do with a cast iron bath tub." - GothX**
**[note: he does't use a cast iron bath tub..... anymore, lol] Profile: "GothX" Profile: "GothX"


Step Into Our Work Areas:

Baskat's 'Playroom' Sewing Workshop:

filled with fabric, fabric, and some more fabric... be forewarned of escapee pins!


GothX's Garage Workshop:

where it is advised for beginers to were masks, lol