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Cosplay Repair Kit
Stick It, Sew It, Fix It, Wear It, Repair Technology

Cosplay Repair Kit: Common Items for a quick cosplay repair!

Cosplay Repair Kit : $10

You get to your convention and the night before your cosplay looses a button or a pieces falls off your armor. What are you going to do?! Grab our original Cosplay Repair Kit and repair your mishaps!!!

I've heard the horror stories from friends and experienced problems first hand so I wanted to make a means for anybody to do a quick repair to their cosplay.... can you picture GothX using my Taokaka boots as a hammer to redo rivets in a hotel (wasn't pretty)!

The result is Laughing Reaper's original and one-of-a-kind Cosplay Repair Kit. I tried my best to gather items that are commonly used for general repairs. I added actual scissors that can cut as opposed to the thin, weak scissors commonly found in traveling sewing kits. I was happy to be able to include TWO tubes of super glue because you just can't have one.

I hope you find this kit as helpful as many who have already bought them (and used them right away, I might add).

Kit Includes:

  • Needle Assortment
  • 5" Scissors(-Actual- Craft scissors)
  • (8) Spools of Thread(Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Tan, Pink)
  • (2) Tubes of Super Glue
  • (5) Inches of Sticky Back Velcro, Black
  • (12) Inches of Instant Hem Tape(No sew, No Iron, Just Peel-n-Stick)
  • (12) Inches of Double-sided Foam Tape
  • (6) Assorted Sew-in Snaps
  • (10) Assorted Buttons(Mix of Black, White, Clear)
  • (12) 7/8" Safety Pins
  • (12) 1/2" Round Clear Glue Dots
  • FULL 50yd roll of Black Electrical Tape
  • Plastic Zip Tie Assortment(14 pieces in 3 different sizes)

NOW FOR SALE in our Etsy shop:
Etsy Store: Cosplay Repair Kit

Horror Story Examples:

Grell Cosplayer/ Owner of our Grell Chainsaw:

  • Caught his pant's pocket on a door and tore the seam!
    • Thankfully he bought a Cosplay Repair Kit and was able to sew it up back in his hotel room.
Gilgamesh Cosplayer/ Owner of our Gilgamesh Cosplay:
  • His knee pad was becoming loose from lots of walking around the convention center all day
    • He used our Duct Tape (no longer included in the kit, replaced with glue dots) to tighten the pads to his pants underneath. (he could have also used the sticky back velcro)