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Final Fantasy Advent Children: Cid Highwind's Venus Gospel

Venus Gospel

Venus Gospel: $175

This staff was made to be 5ft overall; but it can be re-sized to be proportional to the user.
The blade is roughly 10" long and is made using our PVC foam board. The edges are sanded to a blunt edge for con safety.
Blade Details:

A quick close up of the base of the blade and it's details. GothX used a gunmetal paint for the blade's base. Sadly, this was the best picture but the base was built by layering pieces of plastic to create the shapes (they are not just painted on like the picture may seem to show).

The extensions off the sides are painted, wooden dowels.
Wrapping Details:

A close up of the wrapping on the staff. Each of the (3) wrapped section uses a length of tan pleather belting 'ribbon' for a more authentic appearance.

Collapsible Details:

As with many of our long items, we make them collapsible so they can be shipped and traveled with more easily.

The point where it 'splits' is right near the middle. Once together the seam is nearly invisible and most likely will be covered by your hand.

The staff comes apart with a simple twist of the (2) halves. To reassemble, just insert the smaller tube into the main tube at the 'split'. You may think that it would come apart easily but it won't. This method creates and natural vacuum so pulling it apart won't work and it won't just 'fall out' either (we've played tug-o-war with previous items to test this).

Action Shot .......

Was made for Anime Boston 2013 >^-^<