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Assassin's Creed Altair Cosplay (with feminine adjustments)

Altair Tunic Robes

Altair Cosplay (3pc - Tunic, Undershirt, Hood): $340

It was hard to had feminines details to this cosplay -without- making it seem cheap so we basically decided on subtle details.
3 Piece Cosplay Includes:
  • Hood, Grey
  • Sleeveless Tunic, Grey
  • Undershirt, darker grey

Check out the individual pieces' details below.
Hood Details:

Altair Hood (only): $95

Like the tunic, the hood was made using a linen fabric that I dyed grey.

I tried my best to get the correct seams as seen in the actual game. This means that the hood has the side seams that run along the top's sides from the pointed detail at the front and joins at the back.

The hood is lined with the same linen fabric. To add a feminine touch, we decided to have the hood laced at the front as opposed to a joined, 'flat' in detail front that is seen in the game. I was able to use a grey, waxed cotton cord so to match the overall aesthetics.
The sizing and placement of the hood nicely hides the tunic's back zipper.

Tunic Details:

Altair Cosplay (3pc - Tunic, Undershirt, Hood): $175

The tunic was made using a linen fabric that I dyed grey. (sadly, because of the color scheme some details are lost since the layers blend together when not moving)

The general construction was done in (2) layers so that the tails were independent from each other to allow for the most movement. Thanks to the dual layers and the linen fabric, the tunic does have a weight like a thick sweater and it will keep you warm (thankfully the undershirt is light and breezy).

I made sure to have the tails mimic the shape from the game. The tails connect to form a pointed shape in the front and back. While at the sides, the tails have more space with a larger curvature at the waist.

To do the arm openings, I used a Celtic styled border design and used screen printing ink to make ribbons (the designs were heat set so the tunic can be washed without worry of the design being affected). Once made, the ribbons were sewn around the arm openings as a border to best relate to the designs seem in the game.

There is a seam around the waist of the tunic, which I tend to dislike, but it will be covered by the red waist band and armor (made by the customer).

Undershirt Details:

Altair Undershirt (only): $75

I was happy to find a wide or loosely weaved cotton fabric to use for the undershirt. I dyed a darker grey than the tunic so it would be different and mimic the shirt in the game. Plus, this fabric was lightweight so it as comfy and breezy.

I made this undershirt in a basic, pull over method. Originally, we had wanted to tailor it at the waist but it would not be seen and would prevent being made into a pull over.

I added a single layer of thin, black fabric under the chest area to both reinforce the neckline and sleeves as well as to provide a privacy layer (even though the tunic would be over top).

To create a more feminine feel, we also decided to make the undershirt a bit shorter.

At the lower skirt section, I added the lace-up details for a feminine aspect. The placement worked great because this detail is perfectly seen through the tunic's tails' side openings.

Feminine Details:

We used subtle details to add a feminine aspect to this cosplay.

At the tips of the tunic's tails, I stamped Celtic designs in a slightly darker grey screen printing ink (heat set so the tunic is washable). This gave a little feminine detail while not being a huge focus point.

Another method we used was to include lace-up details on the hood's front and the undershirt's sleeves and 'skirt'. I used a grey, waxed cotton cord and added grommets along the sleeves and skirt of the underskirt.


Action Shot .......

[coming soon] >^-^<
Debuted at CT Con 2013