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Legend of Korra: Tenzin

Tenzin Cosplay

Tenzin Cosplay (Tunic, Underskirt, Cape): $390

This cosplay has some simply details that I tried to make happen. Like the tunic or cape that show no style of closure and the uneven hem of the underskirt.

The yellow tunic is made of a tight-weave, minimum stretch knit fabric. It had just the right shade of golden yellow that we needed for Tenzin. You can see and read details about the sleeves, collar, and closure details below.

The cape is made with the attached mantle. There is no collar and it steps naturally on the shoulders (helps minimum the stressed placed on the hidden button closure). The cape is made of a sturdy cotton twill fabric so it has a nice weight and flow, plus it's completely washable.The length of the cape and mantle is determined by the customer's measurements.
Tunic Collar Details:

Tunic (Includes Belt): $140

The tunic uses these hidden button closures along with an interior tie and the red belt.

The collar has (2) hidden buttons that are sewn along the collar's interior seam. The button holes are stitched through the collar's other side. When the collar is buttoned close, the buttons are invisible (hence hidden, lol).

The collar is designed so that it has a nice height but that it also slinks/ slouches down just enough to best mimic Tenzin's cowl styled collar. The cut of the collar is also made to slope down in the front to create the cut-in at the front of the neck.

Tunic Sleeve Details

The sleeves are made using a number of pieces. The forearm section is fitted to the customer's forearm while the upper arm is made looser as seen in the cartoon. The red bands actually have elastic straps in them to hold the forearm section in place. Meanwhile the sleeves' cuffs have the same cut detail as seen in the cartoon.

Tunic Side Tie & Belt Details

Because of how the tunic is drawn, I made it close via the hidden collar buttons and this interior side tie. The interior tie is on the left side of the tunic. The right front flap ties to the strap that is attached to the interior seam of the left front flap.

The red belt is used over top to finish the tunic's closure. The belt is made using the same fabric as the cape, a red cotton twill. The belt is closed using via a basic double-loop style buckle system where the belt is run through (2) loops, over the first loop, and then tucked/ ran through the 2nd loop.

Underskirt Details

Tenzin Underskirt (only): $85

The underskirt is made using a red knit so that it's lightweight and comfortable. Plus, the red knit fabric can be matched better to sweat pants or leggings that are usually (and were) bought as the underpants to this cosplay.

The underskirt uses a velcro closure in the back. The underskirt was made to fit the customer but because underpants were to be worn underneath, the velcro allowed for an adjustable fit.

As noticed in the cartoon, the underskirt was made to have a lower, pointed hem in the front as compared to the back.

Cape Details

Tenzin Cape w/Mantle (Includes Council Pin) : $165

The cape closes via a hidden button closure. The button hole is sewn through both the cape and the mantle so it is sturdy. The button is reenforced by another button that is hidden between the cape and the mantle. You can not see the button when the cape is closed (it is a little off from where the pin is attached in the picture).
Council Pin (included with the cape)

Front     Back    (included with the cape)
The council pin is about 1.25" tall with a basic pin back attachment. A metallic gold is used on most of the pin while the center circle section is filled in with a matte, non-metal gold to best mimic the color differences as seen in the cartoon.

The council pin is simple added like a regular pin


Action Shots

Made for a Halloween 2012 costume to match his group of friends.  >^-^<