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Tales of Innocence - Ange Serena

" Try this cosplay out and become the Holy Maiden of your group "

Ange Serena 3pc Outfit

(without mantle cape)
Ange Serena 3pc Outfit (Mantle, Skirt, Jacket) : $465

This 3pc outfit is mostly made using a white suiting which is washable. Future productions of this cosplay will be using white cotton twill because I think it's more durable and will have a more solid appearance (the suiting seemed thin to me once this was finished).

The outfit consists of a skirt, jacket, and mantle cape which can all be viewed below with added details.

Jacket Details:

White Jacket with Tails: $195

The jacket is closed by a zipper like any other jacket. Along the zipper and neck opening, I added gray piping for a nice finish. The piping also helps to naturally hide the zipper. I did not add a collar because you don't see one and I did not want an additional collar under the mantle's collar. Too many layers against the neck could add discomfort and make you feel you are wearing a thick turtleneck.

A double faced satin ribbon is added to the jacket to be ted into a bow like the character.

The sleeves use a black suiting for the lower half with a black silky charmeuse for the extended proportion.

Like the character's outfit, I made sure to have the jacket's front and back sections to have a space at the sides creating small flaps. The character's jacket design actually made for a comfortable fit because it naturally makes expansion areas so to not restrict the wearer.

The back tails took some effort to make them even when they joined. It also took some time to draw out the golden leaf circle since it's not always clear. I think I did a nice job figuring out the final shape. Both the golden leaf circle and red circle are satin fabrics that were adhered to the tail and then satin stitched along their edges for a secure, lasting, and clean edge.

I also only attached the golden leaf design to the outer layer so that it is not viewed from underneath, just like is seen in the character's images.

Mantle Cape Details:

White Mantle Cape w/Blue lining: $160

Like the jacket, the mantle cape is made of the same white fabric. It is designed, like the character's mantle cape, to have slits where the arms would naturally come out of the front. The back section has a grey suiting trim like the front edge trim. The mantle cape is lined in a nice royal blue silky charmeuse.

The mantle cape sits nicely on your shoulder and has a hidden wide latch closure. The latch is hidden by tying the double faced satin ribbons into a bow.

The collar, like the character, is made to have white on the bottom half and a grey on the top half. Inside, the collar is lined in all grey because we all know what happens with white collars after use... they get dirty easily and may not always become bright clean after cleaning.

Both the mantle cape and it's collar is trimmed in black silky charmeuse. I used a box pleat method for the trim as opposed to a simple pulled ruffle to give a clean and even finish..... which means I had to use about 3 x the actual length to create this effect (lots of pleating). But hey, it looks nice and can naturally and evenly expand  during the wearer's movement.
White Skirt Details:

  Venise Lace Detail (2-layers)
White Skirt w/trimmed underskirt: $110

The skirt is a simple design. The underskirt is made using a silky satin fabric. The underskirt is purposely made so that it's lace trim is slightly visible.

The lace I used is a scalloped venise lace. Venise lace is a very nice and clean lace that doesn't use embroidery ontop of a netting to hold it's form. Because of how Venise lace is made, it allows a clean edge without netting to best match some anime drawings of lace trim. I used (2) layers so that (1) layer can be lower to be more visible while the other gives a finish along the skirt's edge. When the wearer spins or has a breeze present, the skirt will move enough to show the underskirt's lace trim as seen in pictures of the character.

Action Shots

Debuted at in March 2013; not sure which convention it was. Doesn't she look lovely! >^-^<