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Captain Kyouraku Shunsui from Bleach

Happi Coat/ Kimono (Front Views)

You may notice the unlike the anime, this coat does not have the dual-pink coloring. The customer wanted a lower price and so requested to not have the dual-pink shading. The floral and such designs are screen printed, and heat-set, on the coat which means they CAN BE WASHED without fading. This will definitely help with PREVENTING your cosplay pieces to remind you of the gamer's room.

Happi Coat/ Kimono (Back View)

I made templates with which I screened on the designs as best placed as I could figure from my images of the anime. I used Photoshop to help create the templates right off the coat from the anime... of course a large deal of manip-ing and distorting was involved but the end product worked well! Afterwards, I went back to outline the designs in black.

I got plenty of the fabric left, so order yours today!