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Mobile Suite Gundam Wing's Treize Khushrenada

"There is nothing more beautiful than a warrior with no distractions... so dress the part with this cosplay!"

Military Outfit


Military Navy Jacket w/Tails: $200

This 3-piece military outfit took some time. It also had a good bit of hand sewing details and button attaching.

The jacket is made of a Navy cotton twill fabric and is lined in a red charmeuse. The cuffs and collar are made of a matching cotton twill in black. So the outfit is, as usual, washable.

The lines along the back and front along the shoulders are actual panels that are keep down by actually working buttons. This gives the lines naturally by shadows as opposed to a simple stitched seam or stitched line.

On the back, I actually arranged the seams to match those of Treize with the (2) down the back that disappear and a single seam is picked up along the tails.

Jacket Shoulder Board Details:

The shoulder boards are made using fabric covering a STIFF interface material so they can be washed. Gold tassel and piping is used along the edges while matching rope is hand stitched on the top for the (2) lines.

For better washing, folding, etc the shoulder boards are attached via sewn-in magnetic purse clips (as shown in 2nd photo). This also allows for future alterations that won't hurt the outfit but having to cut (2) sewn together fabric pieces.

Sleeve Details:

Like the jacket, the cuffs are also made using cotton twill but in black. The cuffs have the dual-gold piping sewn to the upper edge and then hand stitched to the jacket to stay in place. The 3-hoop design at the point is also made of matching gold piping rope and is hand stitched in place.

And to make sure it won't look odd when you see inside the sleeves, the sleeves are lined in a black charmeuse to match the black cuffs.

The silver buttons are sewn in place and so do not actually work like those through out the rest of the jacket.

Jacket Opening Details:

The white diamond and navy panel on the front of the jacket actually works as the closure for the jacket. Of course, you only need to undo (1) side to get and out.

Each button shown on the jacket's front are actual buttons that connect to the front panel. Along the top of the white diamond section, there are (4) hidden buttons that connect to the jacket and keep the panel standing up straight.

Vest & Pants

Matching Navy 3-ButtonVest: $95
White Fitted Pants: $65

Simple (3) button vest made of the same Navy cotton twill as the coat. It is lined in a royal blue charmeuse. It is designed so that the 3rd button is right near the waist so that the belt will naturally fall over and hide the 3rd button. This plays into the placement of the jacket's front cutaway 'line'.

This vest is very similar to and has the same back shape as our double breasted vest for Alucard.

The white pants are a simple design. They are made using a cotton spandex; the 95% cotton with 5% spandex content gives a nice, soft feel while giving a nice comfortable stretch. The pants were cut to fit the wearer nicely without having to use the stretch but they will stretch for when you move around, sit, etc for comfort. The pants have a simple elastic waistline with added belt loops just in case the wearer wants a tighter fit or for when the elastic starts to loose it's grip over the years (elastic wears out quicker when dried in a dryer so air drying is always bets for elastic banded clothing).
Belt & OZ Buckle:

Belt & OZ Buckle: $50

GothX did a great job on the OZ belt. He added layers so that the correct depth was made between the 'O' and the 'Z'. The buckle is paired with a basic nylon webbing belt and it is adjustable.

The last (2) pictures were wonderfully taken by Jetspectacular and posted to
Action Shot .......

This cosplay was debuted at Katsucon 2013 >^-^<
..... and yes he happened to tuck in his vest as opposed to correctly having it out with the belt on top... but we'll forgive him since he still looks good!