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Homestuck's Feferi Peixes Golden Trident

"You can't achieve Hero Mode without your very own trident!"

5ft Golden Trident


5ft Golden Trident: $95

We were happy to make a prop from such a popular webcomic as Homestuck!

When assembled, this trident is 5ft long and each 3-prong head is roughly 10in long. The trident heads were cut and then hand sanded to create a more even and natural curve. It is then finished with a golden enamel paint.

The prop is also very light at maybe 2lb.
When I was moving it to place for pictures, I could have easily swung the trident around and not have noticed any weight. The trident is also naturally well balanced because of having a 3-prong head at both ends. 

Trident Head Details:

A closer view of the trident heads side by side.

Collapsibility Details:

appearance of seam when assembled (please ignore screw from 1st trident made )

To allow to easier shipping and traveling between conventions, GothX made the trident so that it can be taken apart at the center. You can see by the pictures that the two halves join together by inserting a fixed smaller tubing into the other half's section.

Once the trident is reassembled, the seam is rather thin and will be rather hard to notice (especially if you hand is near or even over the seam). You can see the full trident at the top of the page, from about 4ft away the seam is barely noticeable.

GothX improved the connection after our first trident so now the previously used screw is NO longer needed.
NO glue, NO screw, just 'pop' the (2) halves together. I didn't think it would hold as well so I had GothX and myself test it by literally played tug-of-war and it did NOT budge!!! The (2) halves stay together thanks to natural suction but come apart easily when just turned/ twisted.
Action Shot .......

..... I hope to get one soon. This was debuted at a convention on June 21-24, 2012 which I think would be PortConMaine.  >^-^<

Satisfied Customer(s):

"Hello! It did arrive, and I love it!! I have another cosplay project to which I need a prop, and I am definitely coming back to you both because you both did an amazing job! :) Thank you so much!!!"  -J.C.