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Medabots: Rokusho 'Head Scissors' Full Body Armor

"His name may be of no importance but isn't this armor sweet!"

Rokusho Full Body Armor

Rokusho Full Body Armor: $1750

This was a LARGE build! We were commissioned back in the summer of 2013 and finished for delivery for early August 2013 for Otakon.
GothX actually create a 3D model for main parts so he could create a pattern. Then that pattern was used to cut the needed pieces out of PVC foam Board. Main pieces were heat shaped to create beautiful curves.

The overall weight for the build was probably 30lb, but since it was through out the cosplay there won't be any worrisome issues with a single, heavy item.

Helmet Details:

The helmet was built on top of a basic motorcycle helmet so that it would be comfortable for the customer. The helmet wasn't very heavy (maybe 5lb at wrost) but you would feel a difference because of the antennas on top. The antennas probably add close to 18" to the helmet. The customer this armor was for is 6'-4" which means WATCH OUT FOR DOORWAYS.

The main shape was patterned and hardened using resin and fiberglass. It was then attached to the base helmet using fiberglass bondo with regular automotive bondo for a strong and smooth, finished surface.

The antennas or beetle pincers were made using patterns and hardened like the helmet's head shape. To strengthen the antennas, a resin expanding foam was used to fill in and solidify the pieces.

The face covering mask w/red eye section is an attached piece so you would have to take the helmet off to eat, drink, etc.
Shoulder/ Torso Details:

PVC foam board was used as the main material.

The shoulder blades need to be attached before the torso can be worn for your event. The blades easily attach with (1) post rivet screw per side. The base of these post rivet screws are permanently attached and you just need to place the blade section inline with the post and then screw in the post screw to secure. (4) embedded, small magnets are used to further secure the shoulder blades in place.

The torso is made in a clamshell style. At the shoulders, there are attached nylon straps to act like a hinge that won't cause injury like a regular metal hinge. At the sides, there are small magnets that secure the torso's front and back close.

Forearm Details:

It took about 3-4 test builds before GothX settled on the right sizing and pattern pieces to use.

PVC foam board was cut in many pieces and fused together then reinforced with fiberglass bondo at all the seams. This made the pieces strong and sturdy but light in weight. the golden blade can actually be opened (needs to be done by hand; no mechanism for con safety).

The forearm pieces just slide on and have foam at the opening for a secure and comfortable fit.

Skirt Details:

Once again we used PVC foam board the construction material.

The skirt is about 1" thick and is hollow with the exception of some inner support pieces. The skirt has (6) permanently attached nylon hoops along the inner edges through which a sturdy, 2-layer nylon belt would run to attach to the wearer.

Strap Suspender Details:

Front          Back

A nylon made suspender strap system was made to connect to the skirt's belt to support and secure the skirt in place. (see the pictures to the side of the skirt images, above)  The straps are adjustable in the front by (2) buckle snaps. A smaller, adjustable strap goes across the front to connect the front (2) suspender straps so that they won't move off the wearer's shoulders. You can see the straps used to 'hang' the leg pieces (below, next detail section)

Leg Details:

Like the torso and forearm pieces, the leg armor was also made using the PVC foam board.

The calf sections are made like a clam shell so they pull apart and stay close thanks to small magnets along the sides. The calves are connected to the thigh pieces to a knee armor piece where the golden half spheres are attached.

The leg pieces are made to stay in place by (2) straps that are to be attached or hooped onto the belt that supports the skirt. The straps, (1) on the front and (1) towards the back, are adjustable and need to be attached before the day the armor is to be worn so you have plenty of time to adjust the straps so the thigh pieces hang comfortably.

How to wear?  Slide your leg through the thigh section and snap-on the calf section. It's must easier than it may look.

Boot Details:

GothX cut 1/2" thick wood board into the boot's 'foot' shape as a sturdy base. PVC foam board was used for shaping the toe but thick foam panels were used to shape the remaining shape of the boots. The bases are about 14" wide EACH so you will be walking with your legs spread apart, so be prepared.

For a comfortable but secure fit, we used snowboarding boot bindings. With these, the wearer can wear whatever shoe or boot that will be most comfortable and just 'snap' them into the bindings.

A 1/2" foam panel, with diamond plate patterning, is cut and attached to the underside of the wooden bases so that there is a little cushion as you walk.


Front/ Back

Rokusho Brown Cloak: $125

This cloak was made by draping a thick cotton fabric over our dressform to mimic Rokusho's rough cloak.

There is a 2nd layer around the neck opening which are secured in place with a couple stitches. To open/ close the cloak to be worn over the armor, there are velcro attachments at each shoulder.

The RIGHT side is open along the side. While the LEFT side had a loop that goes under the arm and attached to the RIGHT shoulder.

The edges are unfinished but thanks to the thicker cotton fabric, the edges won't be fraying anytime soon.

PLEASE NOTE: If this is made again, it will be similar but NOT the same because it was a free form draped with no pattern.

Because of the overall size and the need for multiple boxes, this armor costs about $500 to ship within the USA.


This is the figure for the character that we used as major reference.

Action Shot (n/a)

This was to be debuted at Otakon 2013 but the customer was sick so it wasn't possible.

Hopefully, they will be seen at Anime Boston 2014 *fingers crossed*