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HALO Helmets
Who doesn't want to be like Master Chief?

HALO Helmets

GothX can make any helmet from HALO. The price does vary depending on the difficulty and complexity of the hemlet. Prices can vary between $185 and $275 per helmet.
Check out our CQG and Scout Helmets below as examples of our work!
(We are NOT limited to just these 2 designs)
HALO Helmet: Scout

HALO Helmet Scout: $215

Each HALO helmet is first assemblied from patterns made using cardstock. The assembled helmet is then coated in resin to create a hard surface which is then sanded, filled, and smoothed to the desired shape.
This makes the helmet light, durable, and wearable. Finished Helmets weigh between 2 and 4 lbs.
NOTE: A typical adult biking helmet is 1.5lb and a full faced motorcycle helmet is about 3.25lb.
Some helmet models have actually been made by GothX in his 3D program and then transfered into a pattern for assembly.
VISORS: Reflective visors, of the color of the customer's choice, are then cut to shape and attached from the inside to the finished helmets. These are the same visors used in motorsport helmets.
Depending on the helmet's style it may be a solid plastic visor or reflective film plastic sheeting visor. Helmet's with large visor areas/ openings tend to use the hard visors because the hard visor will not buckle from the large area. Helmet's with small visor areas/ openings tend to use the reflective film plastic sheeting because there is no need to support itself.
Visor colors include gold (see the Scout Helmet above), chrome (see the CQB Helmet below), blue, black.
NOTE: Reflective visors colors are subject to availability.
COLORING: Just like in HALO, there is no set color for the helmets. The customer decides what color or colors are to be used on the finished helmets.
INSIDE: On the inside (see the inside view details below), there is padding to fill in excess spaces and another layer of padding for personal comfort and fit.
HALO Helmet: CQB

HALO Helmet CQB: $185

Made the same way as the Scout helmet above. Interior padding, custom colors, chrome reflective visor.
DETAILS: Inside View

We use a thick padding foam to fill in large areas and to make a surface for the finishing layer of padding. The finshed layer is a foam padding structure that you would see in motor sport helmets replacement padding kits. This allows for a more comfortable fit.
DETAILS: Reflective Visor


Photo 1: If you can tell, when light or camera flashes are not being directed at the visor, onlookers can see kindda through it to the inside. You should be able to see the black, spiral fixture holding the helmet from the image of the CQB helmet above.
Photo 2: This is a view from the inside through the scout's gold visor. The wearer will be able to look out of the helmet normally and it'll just be like wearing sun glasses (Visors actually provide 400 UV protection like sun glasses).
CUSTOMIZATION: Personal Designation Tag Stamp

Custom Designation Tag Stamp: + $30

GothX is also able to stamp/ paint on a custom designation tag of (8) letters and/ or numbers onto your HALO hemlet as seen in the photo above. The tag uses a stencil like styling for the letters and numbers.
Action Shot .......

GothX is having some fun before he hands the helmets over for our customer's son's Christmas presents!
If you are a member on the 405th website ( then you may have seen GothX's posts of progress shots on these and/or other helmets.
As a reference, this scout helmet is scaled to fit GothX's head that measures 22-1/4" around. The helmets would be scaled to best fit the customer.