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Seras Victoria's Harkonnen Cannon

Are you woman enough?

Harkonnen Cannon

Harkonnen Cannon (SOLID/ Collapsible) : $200

Our Harkonnen Cannon stands at 7.5ft long! It's a monster! (Only a monster of a weapon is fit for a monster!)

The cannon replica is a sturdy mix of plastic tubing (barrel), wood (arm rest and grips), and resin filled book board (the main body). The arm rest at the back and the hand grip are very comfortable.
Because of the length, the cannon can be a little awkward to carry. Nonetheless, the item weights about 15-20lb which isn't as heavy as the item looks. Although, we do advise to make sure you have places to rest AND don't forget to look both ways before crossing lines of cosplayers... we wouldn't want you to clothline anyone.

The tripod underneath is a functional tripod that opens/ flips down so you can setup the cannon along the ground.

We based the size off of Walter from the OVA (see the reference picture below).

We NOW offer a 6.5ft version for those cons that have size restrictions like Otakon.

Detail View of the Details

Added views of the decals on both sides. One side has the Hellsing company name while the other side has the weapons details as well as the Hellsing badge.

Detail View of the Nozzle

A close up of the barrel's end. GothX carved out the cannon's nozzle head to best match the OVA. We have the decal on the raised section and we also added a black ink 'wash' for detailing.

Travel Help: Collapsibility!!!

GothX designed this monster 7.5ft cannon to be collapsible so that you can actually transport it in your vehicle (or better fit in a box to ship to your next convention).... I'd love to see the faces of security if they had to x-ray that suitcase.

At about the center of the cannon (right after the main body), the cannon barrel can be taken out by unscrewing the handle (bent item to the right of the picture) and nut. The working tripod also connects at the same location and acts as a secondary item to hold and stabilize the barrel section.

Action Shots & Reference Shot (Walter introducing the cannon in the OVA)

(Pictured with owners Redustrial-Ruin & Maxieyi)

You can see the size in comparsion from the Seras cosplayer holding the cannon.

If you found yourself at Anime Boston 2011 you may have run into these wonderful cosplayers.

Decals for the Cannon's Text

For those who may have already made a Harkonnen cannon, can not afford our commission, wish to make their own, etc; then let us help with these decals!

These are being sold at our Etsy Store but can also be ordered via a prop request. Details about sizing can be read in our etsy store's listing.