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Legato Bluesummers: Switch Blade Gun

Be the vililan at the convention with Legato's sidearm!

Blades Closed

The replica gun's grip and main body is made from sturdy wood. A strong plastic barrel is incased by Legato's distinctive blade compartments. When the blades are closed, the prop measures about 16in long. If the blades are locked open, the prop measures about 2ft long!
Blades Open

The blades actually have a lock so that they do not slide around for poses; the locks are similar to those on a pocket knife. The blades are sanded for a smooth finish and edge but ARE NOT sanded to be sharp. We do not sharpen or sand items to a point so as to create Con Friendly props.
Gun Prop Details

With the smooth, hand sanded grip, your hand will think it was made just for you. The blades are held in by tension at the ends. The metal caps can be removed to loosen the blades if you wish to have the blade "fling" outwards or tighten the tension if the blades gets loose from excessive playing.
NOTEWORTHY - The trigger is actually able to be pulled and the firing hammer moves as well. (Conventions should have no trouble allowing this prop but technically the blades do move.)
Satisfied Customers
"I was very impressed by the craftsmanship and accuracy to the original prop in mind."
- Ryan C.;