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Nicholas D. Wolfwood's Cross Punisher
Do you feel the need to deliver punishment to those around you too?
We happily welcome our abilitity to offer you your very own punisher from Trigun!!! Bansai!!!

Cross Punisher

$350(does not include cloth wrapping)
Our Cross Punisher is VERY durable and VERY light! The hollow design requires NO foam or heavy interior structure to maintain it's strength and stabilitiy.

Resin infused board (no corrugated cardbaord!) is painted with copper corrugated details on the sides. The black circle 'air vent' details are cut out of the first layer to give a 3D effect without having to be drilled completely through the prop. The resin plastic skull center is by far our favorite aspect! The resin plastic skull face at the center is more than strong enough to support our punisher by itself. The skull does NOT move.

The punisher stands at 5'-6", the arm span is 34in and is about 4in thick. The enitre prop weighs approx. 10lbs.

As modeled by GothX above, our Punisher is light enough to carry over your shoulder (approx. 10lbs), as well as strong and stable enough to stand on its own. Strike your favorite anime/ manga pose without worrying if you'll hurt yourself because of the prop's weight!!!

We can vouch for the punisher's ability to stand and hold items on its 'arms' because we were using GothX's to hold our large drinks. You can see the punisher standing on its own and holding Wolfwood's pistol in our Anime Boston 2009 Masq. Skit which can be viewed here: YouTube: Anime Celebrity Jeopardy Skit


Pick-up is prefered because of the size. IF shipped in the US, shipping costs will run high; approx. $200 via UPS. We are unable to offer a cheaper USPS option because the gov't says the package is too big (that's what she said, lol) to mail... they're always trying to put us cosplayers down, lol!