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Vash the Stampede's Revolver
Defend yourself against rabid tumbleweeds and fangirls with your own personal revolver!

Vash's Revolver with moving parts!

Vash's Revolver Replica: $250 (Action Lovers)
$150 (Solid Version)

GothX loved the Revolver Replica so much that he wanted to keep it for himself!!!

Open View with Bullets

The revolver replica was made to open at the hinge underneath just like in the series.

Front and Back Angled Views
Details include:
  • Real screws used in the upper barrel instead of modeled/ shaped plastic
  • Nice fluting along the middle of the barrel

Gloves paired with Revolver Replica

Action shot of the Vash's revolver replica being held using Vash's gloves.

Check out the Video of the Action Lover's Revolver on YouTube: Vash Revolver Video

Action Shots (featuring the solid version)

It seems Vash is happy after eating some doughnuts (see action shot in the gloves page)

Satisfied Customer(s):
"The revolver replica is amazing. Very impressive work. Thank you very much."  -JSC