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No More Heroes 2: Travis Touchdown's Jacket
" If you are gonna touch down then you better be prepared with this winning jacket! "

Travis Touchdown Jacket

Travis Touchdown Jacket: $195

The jacket is made using a cotton twill so it's durable and washable. The 'lining' of the jacket is actually not a typical lining fabric. The lining is another cotton blend fabric in a matching red. This gives the jacket a more durable inside that I think also gives an actual rugged jacket feel to the finished product.

I tried my best to create the right seams in the right places. For example, the seam under the shoulders that goes across the front of the jacket; as opposed to just having an insert of tiger print. And thankfully, I was able to best match the back side of the sleeves' seams with the seam that was at the shoulder panels on the back's seam.

Just out ALL the detail images and information below!

Jacket Details: Zipper/ Lapel Open and Closed

As observed in the video game screenshots, the front zipper actually stops short on the left side while the zipper continues the full length of the right side's lapel.

The stars on the jacket are actual 1.125" metal star conchos. Unlike rivets where grommets or such are crimped together, conchos are pieces that are screwed in from the underside. This gives the stars a sturdy and strong hold on the jacket.

Jacket Details: Wrist Straps & Base of Zipper

The straps at the wrist are actual straps that can be adjusted to be a little tighter or a little looser. The buckles' adjustment holes are stitched around the edges for reinforcement.

The jacket's zipper is a separating zipper like any other jacket. At the bottom of the jacket are actual snaps so the jacket can be closed properly or you can have the zipper down while having the snaps still holding the jacket closed at the waist.

Jacket Details: Collar & Back Straps

In the video game, Travis's collar has a puffed pinstripe patten to it which I duplicated as best as I could. The inside of the collar is back while the outside is red. Using opposing threads of reed and black, I created stitched pinstriping. While adding a combination of batting and stiffening inside, I added the puffed collar aspect only on the outside as I noticed in the video game's screenshots. I couldn't really get a good picture of the inside stitch detail since it just blended in with the black fabric. But you can see the black inside and red outside in other images.

The straps across the back are free standing meaning that your hand can go underneath.

Jacket Details: Shoulder Straps & Shoulder Print

The should straps are actual straps that are kept in place by both the stitches at the base and the added belt loops at either end.

As luck would have it, the way I cut the tiger print actually lined up to a degree naturally along the shoulder seam. I can only hope this will repeat itself in future commissions.

Jacket Concept Plan:

This is the concept layout that was developed to confirm the jacket's styling. Notable difference between the concept and the actual jacket is that the concept shows the front of the jacket form No More Heroes 1 where as the actual jacket is from No More Heroes 2. This means that the actual jacket has the off centered zipper with the more pronounced lapels.

I was very committed to getting the tiger strip pattern as close as possible to the images from the video game.... and yet I could not find any fabric anywhere that fit the bill. SO! I designed the tiger strip pattern and went between 2 companies where finally the 1 company actually took my red fabric and printed just the black striping...... this allowed us to maintain the proper red background/ base so to match the rest of the jacket's materials.

It took alot of time BUT it was worth it for it's awesomeness. Plus I feel it will make our design stand out from other mass produced websites where the tiger print looks like abstract calligraphy clouds. >^-^<

Action Shot .......

This jacket was debuted at Otakon 2012. >^-^< ...don't you just love it?!
Our wonderful customer got plenty of pictures taken and was repeatedly asked if the jacket, and beam katana, were official license items.... that made us really happy since that means people thought the jacket was aaaaaawesome!  >^-^< YAY!

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We are also making Tarvis Touchdown's matching beam katana by adapting to a Star War lightsaber (customer provided); check it out here!