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No More Heroes 2: Travis Touchdown's Beam Katana Adaptation
" What else can a Blood Berry be but Bloody Cool! "

Travis Touchdown 'Blood Berry' Beam Katana Adaptation

Travis Touchdown Beam Katana Adaptation: $165
(with customer provided light saber base)

This commission was for an adaptation to a Star War's Light Saber to transform it into Travis Touchdown's Beam Katana the Blood Berry. This was a permanent adaptation so no going back (not that you'd want to, lol).
The pole that runs alongside the light saber section is a fiberglass pole. This poles allows a sturdier, lighter, and more flexible piece than what a typical wooden dowel rod could provide. We used thick black electrical wire to run along the poles length which is then securely fixed to either end's 'fuse' box sections. Basic zip ties were used to facten the wire to the pole at the appropriate places as shown in the video game.

The overall length when finished was about 54 inches or so (it was a long package to mail). The blood berry should be smaller but we worked with the proportions given to us from the base light saber.
Beam Katana Details: Upper Section

Many views of the upper portion of the beam katana. The golden tip is made of the same fiberglass pole so it is sturdy. The tip is also not sanded to be sharp for general safety reasons.
The 'fuse' section, that is along the side, is made to best represent the blood berry. GothX used varying pieces to make the 'fuses' look believable since the game does not always show enough detail to put into action. The fiberglass pole travels up through the 'fuse' tubing to the top plate.
It should be noted that the light saber is NOT permanmently attached to the 'spark plug' like cap; so it would wiggle a little. This allows for a little flexibility both in transport and for general handling. This also mininimizes the stress that would normally be at the end of such a lenght.
Beam Katana Details: Handle/ Lower Section & Pieces

The actual light saber's base handle ends where this adaptation's large bubble or ribbed section starts. The extension is epoxied to the original light saber's battery plate. It still unscrews so you can still access the batteries (see pictures below of it unscrewed). The rest of the handle was also built using PVC and epoxy so to make the handle adaptation lost just like the beam katana in the video game.
The 'fuse' section at the handle's hilt is made the same way as the mathcing portion at the upper portion fo the beam katana.
The metal hoop on the opposite side of the bipod like pegs is made of metal. It can support the beam katana's weight so do no fear setting the katana on it's side where the hoop is supporting it.
The bipod like pegs also have a metal center pole which is securely attached to the enlarged ring that circles the handle at that same hilt section. The pegs were made using rubber so it can factor in as the beam katana's grounding elements, lol.
Beam Katana Details: Looking Down It's Length

This would be what the beam katana would look like when looking down it's length.
Beam Katana Details: Added Features - Removable Tip & Accessing Batteries

We made the upper end's tip removable. This allows to cut a few inches off the shipping package length, prevented possible damage to tip in shippment and customer transport; but most importantly this allows the owner to remove the tip in case a con's security gives them any hassle about the possible danger of the tip.
Because GothX added to the handle's lenght, he made it so the bottom ribbed portion screws off just as the light saber's bottom plate did. This still maintains the user's ability to use the light up function and change the batteries. Although, it should be noted that the sound effect of the ligth saber's light turning on is greatly muted (which probably better fits the video game).

Beam Katana Details: Glowing

....because we all know you wanted to see it glowing.
Action Shot .......

This beam katana adaptation was debuted at Otakon 2012. >^-^<
Our wonderful customer got plenty of pictures taken and was repeatedly asked if the jacket, and beam katana, were official license items.... that made us really happy since that means people thought the items was aaaaaawesome!  >^-^< YAY!

We are also making Travis Touchdown's Jacket, check it out here!