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Coyote Starrk Hollow Eyepiece
It's like a scouter but way better! There's no telling whose soul is over 9000.... reishi...
(yes, I had to say it when mentioning scouters)

Starrk's Hollow Eyepiece

Starrk Hollow Eyepiece : $55 each

Our hollow eyepiece is made from a single piece of ABS plastic. We use the person's measurement and then heat shape the plastic to form to the person's face (as best as we can since we can't necessarily meet in person).

The design is made from a merge of several views from the manga and anime (since we all know that the author just loooves changing things between scenes). GothX mask the design off before painting so it has clean edges.

We use a black mesh for eye section so that you can see out but once in place, no one will see in. It will be like wearing a pair of sunglasses but only on one eye. (Baskat uses this same fabric on her Taokaka mask and you'd never know if she was sticking her tongue out at you or not.)

Chain & Back view

We drill holes in the 2 bumps on the front and 2 more holes along the back of the earpiece arm. Chain is used for a couple of inches from the front and is then continued via black elastic. Meanwhile, just black elastic is used on the holes along the ear. With the use of the elastic, the wearer can better control their comfort by tying the elastic as tight as they want but still have a little 'wiggle' room thanks to the string being elastic. The elastic also helps give room to work around a wig.

Thanks to the elastic the eyepiece can be worn comfortably with minimum (if any) use of spirit gum.

Inside/ Outside Views

To make the eyepiece more comfy, we added foam pieces around the eye and along the ear hoop.

As you can see in the upper image, the eyepiece is one sided with chain and elastic on each end for the wearer to wear the eyepiece to better control their comfort.