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Coyote Starrk Replica Guns
Ready for some dual wielding fun?

Starrk Replica Guns

Starrk Replica Gun : $125 each/ per replica gun

Our Starrk replica guns are made to be solid with no moving parts. The replicas are made from solid wood so they are NOT hollow but they are not heavy.

The side wooden panels were hand carved by GothX and then inset on the replicas' sides for a more secure means of attachment. The design is taken from a clear scene from the anime where Starrk is battling against Captain Kyouraku Shunsui as opposed to the several unclean straight lines as seen in quick past by scenes (and our previously pictured replica). The Wolves on the grips are also made from wood and the details are hand carved as well so no worries about painted details that may faint overtime.

The trigger are plastic so there is less fear of breaking such thin pieces of wood. The triggers' ends are actually inset into the actual wood of the replicas for added strength.

Starrk Replica Guns: Barrel View
A view of the replicas' barrel. The end is compromised of a wooden rim and a plastic tube for the mock-barrel.

Side by Side Views

Side by Side views so you are able to see both sides at the same time. The replicas are the same on both sides.

Customer Action Shot
A nice pose by our first Coyote Starrk customer with our older Replica guns. He debuted them at Otakon 2010. (We also made his eyepiece and belt buckle)