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Hellsing: Jan Valentine's Knit Hat
"May what a big eye you have"..... "All the better to chass and kill you"

Jan Valentine's Knit Hat

Jan Valentine's Knit Hat: $35

This is a basic item to make. The base knit hat is a dark navy blue. The eye design is made from yellow and white fabrics that are then attached via iron-on adhensives and the edges are satin stitched/ embroidered for a secure and lasting attachment.
The eye is abour 4" tall at the center. I tried my best to match the sizing from Jan Valentine's hat onto to a typical knit hat.
I originally was thinking of using a yellow and white vinyl but then you wouldn't be able to wash the hat. With the vinyl fabric you would have to hand wash it which can be a bother when you just want to toss it in with the rest of your laundry.
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