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Hellsing: Alucard Accessories
Be the Vampire of the ball with these devilish accessories!
Alucard Glasses, Gloves, & Cravat
modeled by

Alucard Glasses : $40 per pair

NEW DESIGN!!! Our new model of glasses are sturdier and more comfortable then before. The thicker frames give a better match to Alucard's glasses. The 'wings' or sides are better fused to the frames so there is no more worry about their durability. We still use our gradient lenses so that the top is yellow which fades to an orangey red at the bottom. This gradient gives the wearer a similar glow effect as opposed to a flat single color of red. ALSO, with the newer design, the glasses close even better so you don't have to worry if the arms will harm the 'wings'/ sides.

Glasses Case ($35 per case) :
Use the case for a one of a kind momento, jewelry, or even small pencil case!

After a previous request and subsequent order, I now have patterns for a glasses case for the Alucard glasses. The case is a 7in black coffin. The top has a cut out of Hellsing's distinct "eye" while the inside is lined with a soft felt to better protect the glasses. The lid has an underlip that fits in the coffin's base so that the lid will be held in place via friction (of course, if you shake the coffin upside down really, really hard OR drop on the ground the lid will come off but still its takes a few -good- swings).

Alucard Gloves

     Cuff Button Detail
Alucard Gloves : $40 per pair (Black -or- Red Design)
BLANK Gloves : $30 per pair (NO Design)

Comfortable and WASHABLE!

These gloves are a mostly cotton fabric with matching fabric used for the cuffs. The sigil/ pentregram design is 2.5" in height. The design is stamped on using screen printing ink and is then heat set. This allows for the gloves to be washed without worrying about the design (these are NOT iron-on transfers which DO smear or fade when met with water).

We now offer the regular Black design for the every day Alucard -AND- the Red Design for those transforming Alucards. I hope to have a fully black gloves option with a White Design for those who just want cool Alucard styled gloves.

The Blank gloves, with NO design, is perfect for Integra Hellsing Cosplays. They would even look great for Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist!

The cuffs are about 2" tall and are finished with matching fabric covered buttons. Each cuff uses two buttons that are connected  through actual buttonholes which give a nice affect. The buttons are connected using (2) jump rings so if worst comes to worst and the cuff is to tight, one can disconnect the buttons and add a chain, elastic string, etc to add width.

Baskat has actually washed GothX's gloves at least TWICE so far in a regular washing machine and the design is still going strong. Baskat has even used spray-on stain removers on the glove to remove dirtier spots. (how does GothX get suck dirty gloves when he was barely even wearing them?!... it's crazy >^-^<)

TO WASH: Use COLD water. You can either hand wash the gloves in a sink (great when using Woolite) OR wash in a regular washing machine with regular detergent (just make sure it's an ALL-white wash or that any clothed clothes will not be bleeding and possibly dying the white gloves). If the gloves get really dirty, just use a stain/ spot remover on the really bad spots.

Alucard Cravat (Clip-on)

(Back views)
Alucard Cravat : $40 ('clip-on')

Can't tie Alucard's Cravat? No Problem!!! Just order one of our 'clip-on' cravats. Our cravat is made to have a 2in wide ribbons and bows. (The cravat thins to 1in for the sections that go under your shirt's collar). The cravat is made and then accurately tied and sewn in place to maintain it's shape. At the back, our cravat uses a contoured buckle to easily be taken off whenever you need.

The cravats are made to order; which means I use your neck measurement to determine the amount of strap to add to the back. Of course, there is still extra added so you can adjust according to the shirt you are wearing.

Added freedom for style

Because I don't stitch the very front of the tie (where the bows come out of the knot), you are able to pull on the bows to create a more stressed look which can look very nice. Of course it is up to ones personal choice.


Since everything is made to order, we can customize. The picture to the left is a sample of our cravat in the regular red next to a customized cravat made of the same wine red suiting as our Alucard Dusters.

Alucard Hat

Alucard Hat : $70 per hat (17-18in brim)
$90 per hat (larger, 23" brim)

This hat is made to last a long time. All seams are finished and make made to be almost invisible. The hat is made of a wine red suiting fabric. The hat's brim is about 17-18" in diameter. A mix of stiffening interfacing and hat wire allow the brim to be stiff but flexible with min. weight.

The crown is about 5" in height and
is lined inside with the same fabric as the hat which helps the crown maintain it's height naturally.

Four 1" straps of a red fabric is painstakingly placed accordingly to best mimic Alucard's hat. Once the straps are in place they are then hand stitched in place as well as adding four matching fabric buttons at the straps' ends. This is probably what takes the longest amount of time for the hats since I never seem to remember how I do the straps from the last time, lol.
ADDITIONAL OPTION: A larger 23in brim is also available for Alucard's Hat. This is best for those with wider shoulders so that they can still have Alucard's effect of the hat reaching out to the ends of the shoulders.
PLEASE NOTE: the larger 23in brim is a little more flimsy then the 17-18in pictured above. It is not so flimsy that the edges droop down but it does not remain as straight as the smaller 17-18in brim (just a noticeable 'wave' effect).  ...additional charge of $20 for the larger brim.

Regular, Liquid Filled Blood Bag

Refillable/ screw-of cap Blood Bags
Hellsing Blood Bag Replica : $30 each (regular, fake blood filled)
Refillable: $35 each
Red Resin Replacement: additional $10
(read below in international customer note)

The blood bag measures about 6in in height and 4.5in in width and is filled with fake blood (of course). The decal design was made to beset mimic the medical blood bags as see in the Hellsing manga. GothX, wanting to be as authentic as possible, found the address of an actual blood bank address in England to use on the label.

Refillable/ Screw-off Cap option:Another option for those blood bag lovers!!! These blood bags are adjusted from the screw-off cap blood energy drinks. The decal design is the same but is slightly adjusted to the fit. With these blood bags, there is also a back design (as seen above). As an added design feature, the blopd bags have mock/ fake
bloody finger prints along the border.  Fill these bags up things like with fruit punch, red colored water, or even red tissue paper.
---> PLEASE NOTE: These bags can be filled and reused. TO WASH: use a SOFT sponge, regular dishsoap and just be mindful not to scrub to hard.Using the rough side or a bristle sponge and hard scrubbing will eventually cause damage to the decals. AVOID using astringents like rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, witch hazel, etc because this can break the decal's attachment to it's object and cause it to loosen and start coming off.

CUSTOM Blood Type: The one pictured above was made using Blood Type O neg. which was requested by the customer (an O negative fan). We able to customize the blood type per commission request.(Blood Types include A, B, AB, and O in either positive or negative)

International Customers: Because customs would not like the liquid inside, we now offer a resin replacement. For this, the red liquid is emptied and then replaced with a red translucent resin. This way you can have the same blood bag accessory but without the possible issues with going through customs.
(resin replacement: additional charge of $10)

Alucard Boots

  (Boots Standing Up)
Alucard Boots : $100 per pair

Our Alucard boots are regular pleather/ vinyl boots that we purchase which wethen add folded cuffs to match. We use a pleather/ vinyl that we find to best match the base boot's fabric.

The cuffs are about 3" tall; they are not stitched done along the zipper's side because this can adversely tightened the boot's opening. But to keep the cuffs done and controlled, we add a strap that snaps inside the cuffs so that they are secured but you can still unzip and open the boots normally.

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