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Homestuck: Prince of Rage Cosplay

"Pretty in Purple "

Prince of Rage Cosplay

Prince of Rage Cosplay (FULL, 3-pc): $260

Full Cosplay Inlcude:
  • Short, hooden purple cape
  • Purple shirt w/design
  • Metallic purple/ black striped jester shorts
Check out the individual parts' details below.
Cape Details:

Prince of Rage (Cape ONLY): $95

The cape was made as close as possible to the character.

The cape is a short design that ends around the hips. The cape's front is done to maintain the same black line as the character's image. To close the cape, there are (2) wide hook latches along the chest section and (1) small hook at the base of the hood.

It took some time, but I was able to create the double ear-like design of the hood. Each 'ear' is an actual piece and not just sewn on flaps.... you could probably stash some candy for min-con snacking >^-^<
(They actually make me think of the bunny character from the children's book Chi liked from Chobits.)

Shirt Details:

Prince of Rage (Shirt ONLY): $60

The shirt is a basic purple cotton t-shirt. I added the design using screen printing ink and heat set it so it cna be washed without worries.

To get the color, I actually lightened the regular purple using a pearlescent white ink. This also gave the design a little bit of a shine to help stand out and to better match the jester shorts.I wanted to get a bit more pink to the color but sadly could not get it.

Jester Shorts Details:

Prince of Rage (Jester Shorts ONLY): $105

These jester shorts were fun to make and I bet even funner to wear!

I used a metallic purple/ black striped stretch fabric for these pants so to have the purple/ black striping as the character. I used the same purple knit fabric I used on the triangular design on the cape's hood to be consistent.

The shorts are lined using a minimum stretch, cotton blend fabric to achieve the 'pulled up' shape. I also 'puffed' up the shorts with tulle placed between the layers and looped around the legs so that the tulle won't shift to a single spot.

These shorts are rather comfort with the pull on style and elastic waist band. The leg opening also use elastic to pull them in.

PLEASE NOTE: the black band across the short's waistband is NOT part of the shorts; it is the belt used to hold the shorts to the dressform for pictures.


Action Shot .......

[coming soon]  >^-^<

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