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Kamina's Katana from Gurren Lagann

...because a cool cape just isn't enough!!!

Kamina's 48" Katana ( you think he's compensating for something?)


Kamina 48" Katana : $150
Matching Sheath: $50

The replica katana is made of strong pine and is 48in (4ft) from the tip to the end of handle. The blade section is roughly 36in (3ft) and was made with a slight curve like traditional Japanese katanas. The matching sheath is made of a softer wood and is also slightly curve to best house the curved katana.


There are a number of nice details that GothX made sure were applied to this katana.

The handle wrap is wrapped in the traditional Japanese style of criss-crossing the ribbon along the entire length and finishes with the knot hidden under the end's cap. The two ties on the sheath are also done in the proper style and glued to keep in place.

You may notice a gray band at the beginning of the katana's blade. This was done to replica the similar detail on true katanas which were present to keep the katana secured in it's sheath and not just fall out. You can turn our katana upside down and the it will not fall out of the sheath and it helps add the cool sound of when it locks inside the sheath.


Action Shots
A couple of images of the cosplayer in the complete outfit for Kamina. You can see more angles of the cape. notice how the flames are not seen from underneath the cape like in the anime.

Maybe you happened to see this fella over at Anime Boston 2011? He was walking around all weekend enjoying his cosplay.

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