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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ New Molds w/ Engravings Being Made (1 of 2 guns done) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Alucard's Weapons of Choice
Become one step closer to becoming a "No Life King" !
These replica guns were created for my own Hellsing cosplay. They are a hybrid of the tv series and the manga versions of the guns but mostly based on the anime tv series.

"Joshua" & "The Jackal"

The guns are accurate in size and scale from the anime. The Joshua is 13.5in and the Jackal is about 15.5in in total length and both weight about 2 lbs each. The details are very accurate to the point where the ejection ports are accurately sized to the caliber of ammunition that would be used in the weapons. I couple my anime knowledge with my knowledge of actual firearms to create an accurate product. The wording is an exact reproduction of the artist original drawings as opposed to my own hand writing. They are then decaled on for accuracy and to allow them to be even with the guns' surface.

Side & Top Shots
These pictured are one of a kind replica props with a fully functioning blow back action but are NOT con friendly to strict weapon & props regulations because of the moving parts. Details are accurate to the TV Series with small compromises with the Manga variants. The barrel is NOT mounted to the slide so when the slide is pulled back it exposes the barrel like an actual gun and accurate to the series. (This will be produced with the "Action Lovers" version as listed below.)

Alucard Replica Commission Options


OptionSOLID"Action Lovers"

This option is a SOLID replica with NO moving pieces.

The text is engraved and inked

-Con Friendly-

This option's main feature is its manual slide. Inside is a spring that allows you to pull the slide back by hand for pictures and poses. Please keep in mind, when you let go the slide will return to its original 'resting' state.

Also, includes a removable magazine clip with a fake bullet shaped into the top to appear loaded. When the slide is pulled back, you can look inside the ejection port and see the top of the magazine.

The text is engraved and inked.

Please Note:

Falls in the either the grey or non-con friendly areas of a Convention's weapon & prop policies because there are moving parts but they do not move until triggered. These variants are NOT made to actually shot things like airsoft guns. (Double check the policy of the con you are attending to prevent any possible problems)

Price$175 per replica gun

UNAVAILABLE at present moment

(new models being created and molded; see added note in next column)

$300 per replica gun

UNAVAILABLE at present moment

(Because of the stupid cold weather of New England, regular resins have proven to not probably set during the loooong winter, preventing constant and durable products)

(experimenting with new materials and designs to ensure items' strength and durability)

New base models are complete, molding and construction methods in process right now for completion)

To better understand what we mean by the OVA variant please refer to our
Alucard Replica Gun Holsters
These are the long awaited pictures of the holsters that we offer along with the replica guns. (Please Note: the top of the holsters are not as tall as pictured above; the design was shorten so as not to obscure the top of the replicas guns as much as those pictured above)
The holsters are made of a stiff black cotton and designed to attached to ones waist via belt (max thickness of 1.5in). We do not offer a shoulder version of the holster because of the size and length of the Alucard replica guns.


As stated on our FAQ page there are many countries that do NOT allow the import of replica guns no matter how fake or well labeled as a theatrical props they are.

PLEASE, check the import laws of your country to see if your location is allowed to import such items.

Countries we know that presently DO NOT ALLOW importation of our replica guns

  • UK, United Kingdom; England
  • Australia
  • The Neverlands

Big News for our possible International Customers!!

We are currently thinking of a means to get the replicas through customs. Once our new models are complete, we will test this method in an actual attempt to ship to a customer overseas to test for it's success!!!

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