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Hellsing: Bondage Alucard
Because tons of straps and a creepy grin are way better than sparkles any day!
......All straped in? Ready for some carnage? Yes, please!

Modeled by GothX.... he was a bad, bad boy

Bondage Alucard - Cotton Twill Version                       

Bondage Alucard - Cotton Twill: Jacket

Front & Side


Bondage Alucard : $250 (cotton twill)

GothX was the first to have our Cotton Twill Bondage Alucard and then we got a commission.

The oufit is made of cotton twill fabric which is 100% cotton, breathable (unlike vinyl), and washable! The jacket is made from scratch but the pants are actual Dickies brand work pants that has had snaps and straps added. The Dickies pants are still made using a cotton twill so it washes and looks the same as the jacket (plus you get pockets).

The jacket is lined in a black, thinner, cotton blend poplin fabric.

  • Chest - (7) straps across the front that can be interchanged with eachother
  • Chest - (2) long straps that go around the back
  • Arms & Shoulders - (4) on each side (in descending lengths)*
  • Sides - (2) on each side (in descending lengths)*

Pants (each leg)

  • Thighs - (1) wrap around
  • Thighs - (1) that continues and connects to other leg's matching strap; connected length is adjustable
  • Calves - (1) wrap around
  • Calves - (1) short strap that just hangs

*I can add snaps to the end of the loose straps and matching snaps elsewhere on the arms/ sides so you can connect them for a bondage appeal

The jacket's front panel that overlaps is made with (2) long straps that are to wrap around the back and reconnect to themselves on the front. You have the option of have these (2) straps going straight across the back or to have them criss-cross for added details. These straps are made as a form of closure for the jacket.
There are additional, smaller black snaps around the collar and back of the jacket. These smaller snaps are for additional closure and to help keep the jacket's overlap from moving about.

The collar of the jacket wraps around to snap close on the side of the neck.

Snap Details & Customizable Stapes 


Snap Details

The Bondage Alucard uses nylon strapping and is connected via heavy duty snaps. This allows the straps to be movable so that you can arrange the front straps in any fashion you like (as seen above). This also allows you to take the straps off for washing the jacket and pants.

Picture shows the matte black snaps; also available in regular shiny nickel/ silver & matte gunmetal as seen in the Bondage Alucard modeled by GothX

PLEASE NOTE: these are heavy duty snaps and although they are well secured, make sure you have both ends in hand when taking the snap off. It is NOT recommended to just pull/ whip off a strap because you will put undue stress on the fabric.

Bondage Alucard - Cotton Twill: Pants

Front    Back

The pants are Dickies work pants that have been adjusted by adding the needed snaps and straps.

You can see how the pants will look from the front and the back. The snaps will be visible from the front. The connected strap at the thighs will hang down and move as you walk. This strap's length is adjustable if you want to make it shorter or longer. I initially place the connected strap under the wrap around straps do that if for some reason the connected strap is caught on something it won't damage the pants. I also added smaller, black snaps along the side of the pants as an additional means of attachment/ safety measure for the connected strap.


Bondage Alucard - Cotton Twill :

Worn by GothX, uses matte gunmetal snaps

(The black is richer because the lighting was better

than the closeup flash that happened with the above pictures)



 Bondage Alucard - Vinyl Version                     
Bondage Alucard - Vinyl Version                     
Bondage Alucard - Vinyl Version                      

Bondage Alucard : $280 (matte black, stretch vinyl)

Pictured are silver buttons but any future order will be using heavy duty snaps like the cotton twill version.
This Bondage Alucard was made using thin, stretch, matte black vinyl. The jacket will be lined with a black, thinner, cotton blend poplin fabric like the cotton twill version. This will put a breathable layer in between your skin and the vinyl so you won't have that feeling of the vinyl sticking to your skin.
Although they are not pictured well, the vinyl version will have the same number and placements of straps as the cotton twill version.

To also help with 'breathing', cotton panels are used under the sleeves at the armpits; as well as adding (2) grommets at the back of the collar/ base of the neck to try and add air movement.

Closer View of the Straps (Vinyl Version):

A closer view of the straps across the front.
There are (2) main straps that act as closures by continuing across the back and button on the front opposite the jacket's opening flap. You see the criss-crossing straps in the back view at the top.
The buttons at the bottom of the jacket's front are also used to connect the jacket to the pants to increase the single piece appearance.
WARNING - Recommended/ Urged Rules for Vinyl Cosplay in Hot Weather:
  1. DO NOT rush around, take your time to minimize use of excess movements causing sweat and body heat
  2. DO NOT hang outside in direct sunlight for long. Try to keep out door outings to 15-20min
  3. Keep to shadows (part of no direct sunlight)
  4. KEEP HYDRATED!!!! Make sure you have a bottle in hand, ready to go when you get dressed. DO NOT wait until you get thirsty because by then you are already loosing alot of water.
Action Shots (See pictures above)

The bondage Alucard in thin vinyl was debuted at Otakon 2011........... and the customer did NOT listen to my warnings about getting overheated. I think he claimed to have lost about 10lbs in water weight in the 2-3hr he was in this cosplay (and most of it was indoors).... lets just say his spandex cosplay was tight before but after Bondage Alucard it was a little looser.
The Cotton Bondage Alucard was debuted at Otakon 2012 by GothX

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