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Laughing Reaper is committed to providing top quality costumes and props. Each piece is made to order so that each is a one of a kind work of usable art.  Unlike other sites with a set inventory of mass produced products we make everything by request so feel free to request anything your cosplaying hearts desire.
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What's New: The Future!

Aug. 10, 2014
Wow! It has been awhile!!  We have been putting updates on our facebook much more often.
(We actually hope to have a facebook feed section soon so people can see those updates here on the website too.)

Latest News:
--> Our
move to the UK is COMPLETE!!!
AND we have re-setup our workspaces, although we are still checking on new suppliers for some commissions materials.
--> We are working on switching website hosting providers so that will be happening soon. They shouldn't be any issues but we will still put a notice up before the actual switch. If something does happen, we still have messages via our Etsy store.
--> We are playing catch up with our e-mails so sorry for such long delays. Our move took up a bit of time and we had to focus on a number of things first.

New Shipping Update:
We can still ship to the USA using regular/ domestic shipping rates which is helpful to our usual customer base and regulars. The only issue is that delivery times will be longer (1-2 weeks for regular delivery) AND we can NOT do express/ overnight ('express' not would be 5 days).

UK customers will save since they will not be charged international shipping rates since UK now is local. Other international countries like France, Germany, Australia should have a slight decrease in pricing (still checking on that). Canada delivery prices will remain the same but delivery time will increase to possibly 3 weeks instead of the usual 2 weeks.

Pricing Update:
Currently listed prices on the website will most likely increase a bit due to having new supplies, etc. For example, the 6ft Seras Harkonnon Cannon would now be $265 (previously $200). We are sill looking into the shipping ability of this and similar items (the UK does not typically allow the import/ export of replica weapons BUT we can use US ran facilities).

Feb 26, 2014
10% OFF Orders

USE Code: Miyazaki10 

(Feb. 28 - Mar. 14, 2014)

In Honor of Miyazaki's film 'The Wind Rises'

Jan. 31 2014
So it seems that I had made the page for an outfi but it never got linked or connected to our website... whoops

So take a look at our
Ange Serena from Tales of Innocence

Added the images of the NEWEST version of our Vash Gloves

~ MORE Warhammer Swatch Patches
~ Temporary Tattoos

Jan. 27 2014
Our gallery has been updated AGAIN!!!

Page(s) to check out:
Assassin's Creed Altair
Jan. 24 2014
Our gallery has been updated!!!

Pages to check out:

Paladin Anderson Trench AND Bayonets
Alucard's Double Brested Vest (TV & OVA)
FFAC: Cid Highwind's Venus Gospel
Prince of Rage (Homestuck)

NEW Items have been added to our Etsy Store:
~ Dr Who Pins
~ Dr Who Tardis Swatch Patch
~ Assassin Creed Swatch Patches
(regular & black flag)

Temporary Tattoos of various designs
(Dr Who, Warhammer, Assassin's Creed, Triforce, FMA, Laughing Man, Hellsing, HALO, etc)

Dec. 24 2013
Merry Christmas!!!

NEW Items being added to our Etsy Store!!!

Swatch Patches from:
Dr Who  (Tardis)
Assassin's Creed (Logo & Pirate's Black Flag)
Warhammer (all 7 sects)

Not all added at once, these will be added throughout the week.

Dec. 4 2013
Laughing Reaper will be MOVING!
We are moving to England/ UK and will need to re-set up our work spaces; figure out new suppliers; figure out shipping rates.
USA would be International.
ANY present orders are fine! They will be completed on time.
We will NOT be taking any new orders until we are re-set up in the UK.

Nov. 23, 2013
Baskat has finally gotton through our more recent commission photos, formatted and uploaded over 200 images... now to just get the pages made while the provided page builder is messing up/ doing stupid space glitches, and not even keeping up with it's own code.

Anime Boston is a go!

Newly added items to our Etsy Store:
-> Warhammer Wall Hanging Purity Seal
-> Warhammer Mock Wax Seal Pins
-> Warhammer Sml Purity Seal Pins

-> Assassin Creed Pin Duo Set

Oct. 31, 2013
Happy Halloween

Try a fun game of Operation (featuring our white-ish cat Spectre... and yes we used the terrorist organization from James Bond for her name).  >^-^<

Sept 17, 2013
Cosplay & Prop Schedules

(summary of schedules are listed under NOTES

Sept 16, 2013
It's been another long break from updates, sorry! We are back from Otakon and have caught up on e-mails and, as always, getting back into working on commissions

If you haven't noticed..... we have a NEW page welcoming our newly created
Look us up as laughing reaper or follow the link on the Facebook info page on our navigation bar.

Other notes to draw attention to:
~ Artist Alley table application for Otakon VEGAS
~ Application mailed for San Diego Comic Con Artist Alley

Aug. 4, 2013

It's that time again.....
We will be traveling from the 5th to the 20th. We will have very limited internet access so replies to e-mails will be delayed.

July  27, 2013

Wow it's been awhile since an update! Just goes to show you have busy we have been. Plus Microsoft is updating pointless things again and it's not as easy to just update the website.... they keep mentioned some kind of upgrade process and I fear it could affect the website's layout and I don't want to have to make it yet again in their new editor program. After Otakon, we very well may be switching to godaddy.

Baskat has new items and updates to previous commissions so she has to get those images adjusted their pages made.
-  Altair from Assassin's Creed (feminized)

Commissions on the books: Hellsing's Paladin Anderson's Duster - YAY!

June 3, 2013

We are finally back, unpacked (mostly), and resettled after our Anime Boston Con and Vacation!

We had internet connection so we were lucky to keep up with e-mails pretty well.

Now on to the new bunch of commissions!

May 16, 2013

As usual, we will be traveling for Anime Boston. We are traveling and staying to visit family/ friends around the con so they may be delays in responding to e-mails. We will respond but it may take a few days... and the weekend of AB, we will be so busy we will probably crash at the end of the night.
Otherwise - BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!
We are trying our best to get commissions done on time for our upcoming Anime Boston convention. If only we had another day or 2.
We'll have some new cosplays to upload afterwards. YAY!
Ulquiorra from Bleach's Jacket
Jiguro Musa from Moribito
Vladmir from League of Legends <-- super big, hope I finish in time!!!

April 18, 2013
Well, thanks to our friends we have confirmed that it is ONLY Baskat's Laptop's FireFox that can't load Laughing Reaper's website.... it's the weirdest thing since she can load the website fine in internet explorer or edit in firefox.

Anyways, we have also finalized and are processing the creation of our Gen 3 Mock Security Signs which will actually have 8 designs instead of the usual 6....... you can't say no to Invader Zim's Gir in both dog and robot form!

Also, we are confirmed for an artist alley table for Otakon 2013 so come check us out!

April 16, 2013

So it seems that Microsoft did some kind of upgrade to their Office365 accounts. Originally, they said that nothing would change and we didn't need to do anything BUT now it seems We can't load/ view our website using FireFox. We can see it just find in Internet Explorer.

We have sent in a service request and we'll probably be calling the tech support number (if it actually works) to see what is up. In the website editor, it mentions upgrading but that seems to want you to make anew website and yeah no... no... NOT with Microsoft's editor (already had to do that last year).

E-mails is still working fine so no worries about contacting us (we really hope this stays this way).

But after this oh-so-fun night, Laughing Reaper may switch hosting to GoDaddy so that'll be a new fun in itself to transfer the WHOLE website!.... just what Baskat needs when she's busy with commissions. :(

April 10, 2013
We redid our Bondage Alucard page. Now you can see the cotton twill version & the original vinyl version.

Take a look!

April 9, 2013
I finally updated our Alucard Accesories! We now have pictures of our Alucard Boots (bottom of page).
Go take a look!

April 8, 2013 - part 2
Once again, I finally got the photos adjusted and uploaded for another new commission:
Ange Serena from
Tales of Innocence

Check it out!
We just got send Action Shots too!

April 8, 2013
FINALLY got the photos adjusted and uploaded for our latest commission of:
Treize Khushrenada
from Gundam Wing

Check it out!

We have also updated newer pictures of our Cosplay Repair Kit. We've added a roll of electrical tape and zip ties.

ALSO, we have replaced the HALO helmets with the Coyote Starrk Gun replicas up top in our most popular items. YAY!
...those have been the most requested item lately! 

April 7,

So we have updated our little listing for Anime Salt Lake to the side.

Our very first Dealer's Table.... yeah same layout as Artist Alleys but still, YAY!

We had a new generation of designs for our Mock Security Magnets. We also had stickers of the same size for ALL the magnet designs we have. We have them all listed in our Etsy store for purchase too!

The new designs featured Totoro, Mario Brothers, Adventure Time, & Warhammer!

We already have designs for a 3rd generation to include FullMetal Alchemist, Dr. Who, Chocobo, Assassin's Creed, and Pokemon!!!

. 31, 2013

Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter!!!
(with help from our 3 cats and hamster)

Mar. 20, 2013
We have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

This weekend is Anime Salt Lake (see info on the right)where we will be having a VENDOR table...  oooooo!

So like other cons we are attending, we will be busy and e-mails will most likely have delays in being answered over the next few days.

Baskat hasanother completed commission, Bondage Alucard in cotton with changeable straps. Hopefully, Baskat can finally get all these new commissions pictures loaded and pages made after we get back from the con.

Mar. 2, 2013

Our Domain Name Registrar Switch is finalized - YAY!  No problems happened with the website or with e-mail, as far as we have noticed - DOUBLE YAY!

SO No worries until we think of possibly switching hosting from Microsoft to GoDaddy (not very cool to be charged monthly PER inbox AND NOT have any actual tech support besides a forum board)

Nonetheless, we continuing our commissions and some prep work for our con in Salt Lake City near the end of the month.

GothX is continuing the finish efforts for our Alucard replica molds AND a mold for parts of the Coyote Starrk replica guns since they have jumped in popularity.

Baskat is making her way through a long list of commissions which include Ange from Tales of Innocence, Vlad from LOL, Riku's jacket from KH: DDD, mooooore Alucard stuff, etc.

Feb. 24, 2013

We have started our domain name registrar transfer - YAY!  No issues so far, hopefully we won't have any issues and it'll be finalize by the typical 7days.

Double YAY
for getting 5 years for the same price of a SINGLE year with Microsoft's recommended registrar - WHICH means we don't have to worry with crazy fees every year.

The website is still up and fine so we don't expect any issues with receiving e-mails - at least nothing yet *fingers crosses, knocks on wood*

Feb. 16, 2013
We will be attempting to change our domain name registrar during the upcoming week. Since the oh-so-great new 365 system was implemented, Microsoft not only charges us monthly fees PER e-mail inbox but also now wants additional fees for domain name registering (which is alot when you compare with others registrars). We still have a month for 1-yr term BUT we don't want to wait till the last minute and then have issues.

Possible issues that may arise:
-> website my be temporarily down :(
-> e-mail service may be interrupted so your e-mails may be bounced back until the system updates itself :( :(

IF these things happen, please be patient and try back in a day
IF you need to contact us ASAP, then you can contact us through our Etsy store: LaughingReaper
since they have their own built-in messaging system.

This message will be so people can see it. And after the 3-day weekend, we will be switching registrars.

We only hope we don't have any issues because even though we pay a monthly fee, we are NOT given any actual tech support and only a forum board to post questions in hopes to get an actual answer with a working solution.
Feb. 15, 2013
Wow, it's been awhile since our last wall update!
Baskat has finished custom Alucard duster that was requested to be made of VELVET  - super soft and nice!

Pictures to come of Alucard's Double-Breasted Suit Vest (OVA variant),
- - AND - -
Baskat has completed another commission of
Treize Khushrenada from Gundam Wing which is being debuted at Katsucon so if you see it, hope you love it!!!
(pictures and action shots to be uploaded soon!!!)

Jan. 17, 2013
Our Internet is back up and fully functional!!! YAY!!!

We actually moved to alittle bit bigger place. Baskat's workroom is more square and has a better layout now - double YAY!!!

We will be catching up on e-mails and continuing our commissions. THX!

Jan. 11, 2013

We are having our internet adjusted so we won't be having internet at access at home. This just means that we won't be able to check our e-mails so there will be a delay in responses. Hopefully it'll be back up soon.

Dec. 28, 2012
We made a YouTube account to be able to show videos of our props.

Our First Video features our Vash The Stampede Revolver Replica, Action Lovers:
Vash Revolver Replica Video
(We have also listed the link on the replica's page)

Dec. 7, 2012
--- Alucard Accessories

Alucard Glove Options:

Black & Red Designs & BLANK (Integra style)
Presently available in our Etsy store!!

Alucard Blood Bags:

NOW offering refillable/ screw-off cap blood bags. Great for international customers!

Dec. 6, 2012

Our Alucard Duster now features pockets!

The pockets are nice and big; you can easily hide one of those Comcast/ Direct TV remotes inside.

Dec. 5, 2012
We still have some uneven stamped Alucard and Paladin Anderson gloves listed on ebay.

I've lowered the price so check them out!!!

Search ' PAAG ' and you'll find our (4) Paladin Anderson glove sales
Search ' Hellsing Alucard Gloves Misprint - and you'll find our (4) Alicard glove sales

ebay listings listed under the seller S.T.U.F.F.
Link to Items for Sale

Dec. 1, 2012
Finally got our latest cosplay added to the website!

Legend of Korra's Tenzin Cosplay

You know you wanna check it out!

Nov. 30, 2012

Well Baskat has made a large pile of Hellsing gloves and we have put some overstock in our Etsy store.

We have the regular Alucard Gloves;
Blank gloves, perfect for Integra;
Red Sigil Pentagram Design for Alucard Transformations!

You know you want them,
so check out our Etsy store before they get taken by someone else!

(make sure you get the right size)

Nov. 22, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

IF you haven't noticed in our convention column, this weekend is Tomodachie Fest  here in Boise, ID.

We will be attending and working our artist alley table. So there may be delays in us replying to e-mails. Sunday & Monday will most likely be our e-mail catch up days.

Hellsing - Alucard Gloves with the red sigil pentagram design. (great for those transformation/ bondage cosplayers)
- AND -
blank white gloves perfect for Integra  Hellsing
I'll be testing a black pair of gloves with Alucard's sigil pentagram design in white.

Screw-off-cap Blood Bags
(easily ships overseas b/c there are no liquids; can be filled with whatever you want)

Nov. 15, 2012
Wanna grab some Hellsing or Paladin Anderson gloves for cheap?

Baskat went through her bid and found some unevenly stamped or slightly mis-stamped gloves. Basically these gloves weren't up to par to be sold at full price. (parts of the stamped design is lighter than others or parts mis-stamped to create a 'doubling' effect)

If you are interested in such discounted gloves with no added cuffs, then check out our ebay listings.

$10 a pair + S/H

Search ' PAAG ' and you'll find our (4) Paladin Anderson glove sales
Search ' Hellsing Alucard Gloves Misprint - and you'll find our (4) Alicard glove sales

ebay listings listed under the seller S.T.U.F.F.
Link to Items for Sale

Oct. 29, 2012
A Happy Halloween to everyone!!!!

We got creative with our Halloween Pumpkin this year!!!

Here's hoping everyone is enjoying their costuming and scaring little kids out of their candies.

Oct. 24, 2012
We have updated our schedules on our request pages.

Also, Baskat just finished a Tenzin cosplay from Legend of Korra, so that should be uploaded soon - YAY!!!

Sept. 28, 2012
What's Pink, Pink and more Pink?

Why it's our newly added
Hello Kitty Inspired Samurai Fabric Armor

~~~> Best Thing about this?! <~~~
This Samurai Fabric Armor can be customized (fabric, cord, and grommet coloring)!!!!

Sept. 5, 2012
We have NOT made the Hellsing Replicas Available for purchase yet
We are now offering the decal sheets for the Alucard Replica Guns in our Etsy Store "LaughingReaper". ($50)

We Also have the decal sheets for our Seras Victoria Harkonnen Cannon. ($45)

These are the actual text that we use in our details and/or engravings for their corresponding replicas.

Check them out today >^-^<

August 27, 2012
I was finally able to upload the pictures of our latest additions! YAY!

Travis Touchdown Jacket

Travis Touchdown Beam Katana 'Blood Berry' Adaptation

Aren't they preeeeetty?! Check them out!?

Soon to be uploaded newer images of our Seras Cannon. We now are able to offer the original 7.5ft AND the new 6.5 ft version (for those cons with restrictions).
Double Cannon YAY!

August 1, 2012
We are back and settled after Otakon 2012!!!
(Check out our little report to the right)

We were able to meet up with 3 commissions we had for Otakon and got action shots - YAY!
* Seras Harkonnen Cannon *
* Alucard Duster *
* Travis Touchdown Jacket and Beam Katana *
... keep an eye open for the uploaded pictures ...

PLUS, thanks to our delayed 2nd flight home we were able to meet Cleve Hall from SyFy Channel's "Monster Man" TV Show :
His Signature on our postcard = AWESOME !!!

July 24, 2012
Otakon is literally around the corner!! YAY!!

We will be traveling starting today so we can not promise to have time to respond to e-mails until we get back on the 1st of August.

Things to look forward too? New action shots of our latest Seras Cannon
pictures of the finished Travis Touchdown Jacket and Beam Katana 'Blood Berry' (hop to grab action shots while at Otakon!!)

July 5, 2012
GothX has completed another commission for Vincent's Cerbreus gun from Final Fantasy. We were able to get some -VERY- nice images and have updated it's page.

Check it out!

July 3, 2012
We have a new prop to add to our gallery!!!

Feferi Peixes's Golden Trident from Homestuck

Check out GothX's latest prop!

June 15, 2012
Finally added the 7" window decal stickers variants of our ADT Mock Security Signs. YAY!
June 14, 2012
Uploaded some nice images from our most recent Kamina Cape commission. We had the room to actually lay the cape out and take pictures of the full outside and inside.
June 6, 2012
GothX and myself are back and married!! We had delays because taking care of a food poisoned GothX was not factored into our schedule.
Nonetheless, we are back and ready for action. I get to go straight into sewing Alucard accessories followed by the -VERY- popular Travis Touchdown jackets (can't believe I have 3 rush orders due for mid-July).
I have also been catching up on e-mails and etsy orders so sorry for any delays in responses.
May 22, 2012
If you haven't noticed in our schedules on the request pages, GothX and I, Baskat, are getting married at the beginning of June - YAY!
This means that we will be traveling and doing prep-work starting tomorrow. We will try to answer e-mails in a timely manner but we can't promise a quick response.
We will be back home on June 5th and jumping right back into commissions AND catching up on e-mails.
Those of you who have commissions due in June, everything is fine because we took them in consideration of our schdule. So please don't worry.
May 17, 2012
-MORE- NEW items to our Etsy Store!
(Left over stock from our Anime Boston Convention)
We invested in a button machine thing year so we have some left over designs that we added today!
Video Game Console Controller Set
Hellsing Sets (3 variants)
Ghost in the Shell Set
Check them out!!! Few supplies left!
(just click the pictures to see the listings)
May 10, 2012
We have added NEW items to our Etsy Store!
(Left over stock from our Anime Boston Convention)
ADT Mock Security Signage 3.5" Magnets
Have your favorites secure your items!
Laughing Man ( UN-secures)
Tachikoma (NO one wins against their cuteness!)
Get them while they LAST!!!
We hope to list the matching 7" Window Decal Stickers Soon!
April 28, 2012
WELCOME to our rebuilt website!!!!
Our e-mail is kindda running too. We get e-mails BUT they are going to the old inbox which we hope will be solved on it's own soon. If not, Microsoft support will get a call.
It is practically the same but with some minor layout changes and an updated gallery. Actually, some pages's url may have been changed to be better organized.
New items to check out in the Gallery:
DOWNFALL: Microsoft 365 has added '/Pages/' to our website's url so any previously saved/ favorited pages will need to be updated.
April 27, 2012
We are moving our domain name tonight! So don't be worried if you see this and then the website is down for a few.

Our e-mails will be down for 24-72hr. If it is EXTREMELY URGENTLY you can reach us at:
April 21, 2012
I have been told thtat we may experience 24-72hr before our domain name transfer is active and that we start receiving e-mails again.
I will wait a day or 2 before the switch so people have a chance to see this update.
If you check back adn the website is down, it is only TEMPORARY. We are still active and working, just that the website is being transfered to the new servers.
THANKS! and *fingers crossed*
April 20, 2012
I have completely remade our website on the new Microsoft servers for their newer (and not any better) 365 plans.
I think I had to make almost 40 pages where all but 8 were pages for props and cosplay.... that was about 300 pictures I had to re-upload and replace and resize.
Some pages were for new items like Alucard's Duster, HALO Helmets, etc.
In the next 5-10 days, I will be transfering our domain name to the new servers so lets hope everything goes well. I have to backup all our e-mails first.

April 10, 2012
Anime Boston is over and we are trying to get refreshed (and not get any sicker). We had fun and we hope everyone who also attended had fun.

Baskat, as Baiken from Guilty Gear, was one of the 3 Hall Cosplay Contest judges and she meet some great cosplayers. GothX, as Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear, acted as a 'sandwich board sign' next to our Artist Alley table. We had some wonderful conversation with people about cosplay.

Our friend Christine, aka Panda, was popular with her many Mass Effect Pins/ Buttons (Garrus was very popular). And she made many friends with her very pretty commission drawings.
We also had fun seeing a number of our commissions roaming the halls at Anime Boston this year. We had our Kamina, Balsa, Wolfwood's Punisher (owner who's also our Miroku), Gilgamesh who I think also got to wear our Bondage Alucard outfit (if he remember how to get it on, lol).

We will be trying to get through all the new e-mails we have in our inboxes and will continue transferring our website to Microsoft's New servers. Wish us luck!

April 2, 2012
Anime Boston has come again. We will be traveling tonight to Boston to prep for the convention.

We will have internet access BUT there is a high chance that replies will be delayed. Worst case is that we will not be replying to e-mails until the 12th.

If you are attending, keep an eye out for our artist alley table, #137, and GothX and I will be in the Cosplay Chess game on Sunday as BlazBlue Characters. ALSO, if you happen to be participating in AB's Hall cosplay contest, you will see me as one of your judges this year - YAY!

Feb. 28, 2012
Microsoft is ending their Small Business website package and making us choose new hosting or transition to their new 365 office plan. We will probably be staying with Microsoft BUT we have to manually move our website ad completely rebuild it in the new system/ servers.

There shouldn't be any interruptions BUT if there are it shouldn't last more than a day so just stay tuned and check back the next day. THX!

Otherwise, we are being busy with the multiple commissions we have right now that will almost fill us up until August.

Dec. 25, 2011
Happy X-Mas !!!

We wish that your halls are decked out!
(yeah that's GothX and his handlebar moustache holding mini-ornaments)

Our new place is setup and we are working on commissions..... could there be an Alucard duster? Jan Valentine's knit hat? or HALO helmets?
Stay Tuned!

Oct. 30, 2011
Happy Halloween!!!

...just remember Halloween is the gateway 'drug' to cosplay so get addicted!!! (it's fun!)

Oct. 26, 2011
We (Laughing Reaper) are moving!!!

This means that we will be still responding to e-mails BUT we can not make or mail anything in November.

We are more than happy to still take overs as long as they are needed before January.
Eventful Happenings: Mostly Conventions

That weekend came and went really fast!

We had a great weekend! We were also happy to be able to help fellow cosplayers with our On-Site Cosplay Repairs!!!

Artist Alley Listing is UP
We are S-35 (in the CENTER, back)

We'll have more items then last year:
New Mock Security Sign Designs
New Pin Designs
Warhammer themed Pins AND Patches
Make ANY pin design into a MAGNET
More/ New Steampunk Inspired Jewelry AND NOW Accessories!!!

We will be sharing our table with our friend:
Panda Buttons

Come check us out if you are attending >^-^<
Sadly, it will be our last USA con for the next few years because of our move :(

Well things started off rough since Thrusday check-in for Artist Alley closed earlier than we were told via e-mail SO we had to drag TWO almost 70lb bags (with wheels but still) down 5-6 blocks to get checked in and then set up the table. We had hoped to at least drop the bags off at the table on Thursday so we didn't have to drag those bags down Friday morning.

Nonetheless, the con was great! Baskat wanted to see the premiere of 'Wolf Children' but sadly the table got busy and her tummy was rumbling for food. :(

We meet some great people, meet previous customers and chatted them up - YAY! We were even made aware of a great sounding convention called Anime North in Toronto, Canada. We are rather interested but places tickets are $$$ and saldy they don't open the Artist applications until only 3 months before the con.... which makes planning things a bit tight but *fingers crossed*

Baskat's steampunk jewelry was widely liked. Our pins were enjoyed. Sadly, we ran out of extra prints of some pin designs so we were actually selling OUT of our warhammer sect designs and some classics like NERV. But we have our own button machine so we are back in stock (and even made some new designs after the con).
Our Mock Security Magnets and Stickers were happily bought.

Our 'Heart no Kuni no Alice' manga cosplays were well liked. Baskat was Boris the Cheshire cat with a 10 FOOT Pink/ Purple furry Boa..... it helped keep her warm in the cold Artist Alley. GothX was Blood Dupre the Mad Hatter although he forgot his wig on Friday (and sadly Baskat wasn't able to finish the jacket BUT he was still noticeably Blood).......... Gothx was enjoying his beautiful top hat and cane the whole con!

We were also sharing our table with our friend Panda from Panda Buttons (etsy store: PandaButtons ) who had her wonderfully large pin selection like Adventure Time, Chrono Trigger, and Sailor Moon. Plus she had beautifully made scratch boards which were quite popular - YAY - she should have extras listed in her store - check them out!!!

Lets hold we can do this again in 2014!!!!

Fandemonium 2013 (Aug 2-4)
It has come and gone and now a month has gone by already.

If you were in the area and stopped by to say hi, YAY and THX! We had fun having a dealers table where we got to meet other dealers. Since it was a small con many dealers were large scale artist like us so it was double fun. >^-^<

Because of commission work and last minute prepping for Otakon, we didn't attend Sunday. BUT Friday and Saturday were great.

IF we are still in the location next year, we hope to attend again! It was a small con but it was a good small con. Plenty of happy people, friendly artists and dealers, and there were some great sounding panels (which were probably great if we had the time to attend :( )

Baskat was able to do a test run of her Boris the Cheshire cat from Heart no Kuni no Alice manga series (minus the Boa) and it was taken quite well; from which numerous hugs were asked.

Once again, AB has come and gone. When you do something like an artist alley, the weekend may feel long but once it's done, it's like 'where was our weekend?'

Overall, our AA table sales were good. Baskat sold more of her steampunk inspired jewelry - YAY! Our new Mock Security magnet designs were well liked AND people liked the stickers/ decals option too!! (but as per AB rules, we did have to mail them to people as opposed to handing them over directly at the con)

We were able to wear our Samurai Champloo cosplays of Jin and Fuu but things were so busy before the con that Baskat couldn't finish our Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter cosplays, :(   but she'll be aiming for Otakon!!!

We scrambled to get things made as well as to complete our newest cosplay of Jin and Fuu from Samurai Champloo. Then we packed and drove for almost 5hr to attend the con.

The con was decent for it's 2nd year of existing. The dealer's room was much larger than Tomodachi's who has had a few additional years
under it's belt. Sadly, the artist alley was small but still good. One artist was selling awesomely and beautifully crafted clay jewelry.

Our dealer's table went over well and we got to see lots of people. We had some great conversations about possible commissions for a web series *fingers crossed we hear back from them*. We're glad that the con manager actually contacted us about our attending after seeing our website.

And sadly again... there was some bad con etiquette. There were 2 incidents where attendees were fully planning on popping open their ramune soda bottle on the corner of our dealer's table. If we had not stopped them and said something they would have continued without any remorse. Yes we may have been near the trashcan; yes we may of had 'open' corners; but that doesn't mean that one should intend to open a possibly fizzing and puddle making drink on our fabric table cloth and right next to
our products to sell.

All in all, the con was nice, BUT the layout of Salt Lake city is crazy.... it gave GothX's phone tourettes. A city who builds in and allows u-turns just to get around on busy streets and highway areas is just nuts. It's worst then Boston during road construction like the Big Dig.... and that was it's norm... just crazy.

The local Fox 13 did a few reports such as the gallery of cosplays below. They got us in our Guilty Gear's Sol Bad Guy and Baiken cosplay (picture  #3):
Fox 13 Photos: Anime Salt Lake 2013

Unlike what we had hoped, we did not have successful results from our molds for the Alucard Replica Gun so we were NOT able to debut them and reopen sales yet *cries*.
We did have a set of our Coyote Starrk Repica Guns but no buyers..... but they are already claimed now so no worries.

We have gone and come back from our FIRST Tomodachie Fest weekend here in Boise, ID. can you say no to a Turkey Mascoted con ?!
It was soooo much smaller than we had thought. Yes, it was a hotel convention but even Anime Boston 2004 was big...  The artist alley was bigger than the 7-vendor dealer's room.

Sadly, we closed up our artist table Saturday night and didn't come back into Boise for Sunday. It wasn't worth the gas expenses (plus the weather wasn't that great for a 2hr roundtrip).

We have gone to and from Otakon - YAY!
We got our re-vamped Hellsing cosplays completed of Bondage Alucard with hellhound arm (GothX) and military Sir Integra Hellsing (Baskat). Sadly, Hellsing seemed to not be widely done, photoshoot fell though, and many thought GothX was the 'Truth' or Envy from Full Metal Alchemist. Seems it was a bad year for Hellsing at Otkaon.

Sadly..... we were disappointed with Otakon this year. None of the panels really grabbed us and it seems there were fewer than last year. Even though the badge price went up $5 they had fewer games and arcade machines compared to last year. PLUS, closing the pre-badge pick-up on Thursday night because of the rain did not help us.... the next day for some odd reason we had to wait almost 3hr in the sun for our badge pick-up when for the previous 4+ yrs, we only had a 20min wait inside at the same time. The Artist Alley was good but it was 90-95% print art which we had plenty of............ but we were eXcited for the purple octopus with top hat and monocle!

Maybe next year we will get our hands on an artist alley table with hopes of selling Alucard gun replicas, etc.

We are eagerly awaiting for Anime Boston.

Our Artist Alley table has been confirmed and paid for. So if you are attending, stop on by and say Hi.

NEW ITEM To Be Sold ! ! !
Mock Security Signage
(Image an 'ADT' like sign but with other popular 'company' logos like Hellsing, Nerv, Lauging Man, Halo, Zelda, and Tachikomas)

While GothX is still at Air Force Training, I'll be attending Otakon 2011.... and bragging about everything I see >^-^<

If you happen to be around, I (Baskat) will be cosplaying Baiken from Guilty Gear (oh yeah!). I'll be walking around w/a red parasol (opened mostly outside) so I'll probably stand out from other possible Baikens.

Also at Otakon, there will be one of our new commissions: Bondage Alucard... in matte vinyl (yeah that cosplayer is gonna 'die' in the heat but I'll be keeping my eye on him). So if you happen to see him, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did designing and making it >^-^<

* * *
We are eXcited about the upcoming Anime Boston in 2011. We will be having an artist alley table at the convention so stop by and say Hi! Our table will be named on their list, just look for Laughing Reaper. Unless something changes, we are placed at table W113 which is near the front aisle and a few tables down from the Art Show's info desk. Just look above the tables for our long white banner.

~ ~ ~ S p e c i a l F e a t u r e G u e s t ! ~ ~ ~

We will also be featuring our friend who will be selling her fan art. Such pretty pictures, yum!

I, Baskat, will have jewelry that I've designed as well as basic cosplay items like Alucard gloves. I'll also have Hellsing patches PLUS new items (some mentioned below)

~ ~ ~ S p e c i a l Event ! ~ ~ ~
Do you like scavenger hunts?

Since we are unable to display samples of our actual commissioned props like weapons (convention rules), we are inviting you to hunt down cosplayers using/ wearing commissioned items. Find these cosplayers, get a picture of and/or with them and get the codeword THEN come to our table (W113) to show us and you get a FREE Hellsing patch (worth $5). (Reference pictures will be posted at the table)

Commissions that will be at Anime Boston 2011:
-- Bondage Alucard (using actual vinyl)
-- 7.5ft
Harkonen cannon carried by Seras from Hellsing
-- Grell's chainsaw from Black Bulter/ kuroshitsuji

-- Kamina from Gurren Lagann (cape, pants, sword)

~ ~ ~ N E W I T E M ! ~ ~ ~
We will be featuring a special item at our artist alley table. It's an original from us and it's a must have for any cosplayer away from home: Cosplay Repair Kits.

Cosplay Repair Kits Will Includes:
Button Assortment, thread and needle assortment, scissors, safety pins, super glue, duct tape, foam tape, instant hem tape, sticky-back velcro, sew-on snaps

I hope to also offer Anderson's glove designs as well as Alucard's Jackal gun's 'Jesus Chris is in Heaven' engraving as patches.
(These will be included in the Scavenger hunt's reward listed above)

We are not doing a skit this year BUT we have a great idea for 2012 that we hope you'll love! ....can you say Anime Celebrity Jeopardy take 2?

* * *
Otakon 2010 (July 30 - Aug 1)
Came and gone already >*-*;<

Convention was fun as usual. Artist Alley was full of cute, fluffy items and the Dealer's Room was full of yummy manga (Go Hellsing vol. 10!!!).

GothX continued his Ragna cosplay. Unfortunately, shipping the sword and the humid weather, Ragna's sword will need a tuneup. Can you believe that the heat and humidity actually affected the interior structure enough to crack the fiberglass on the exterior.... to affect the FIBERGLASS... it's crazy!

Baskat was able to fine tune items and debut her Taokaka, YAY. My claws were long and 'sharp' and my grin was wide. If you were one of the many who gave me, Taokaka, a treat during the con then THANKS! For some I gave the prize for changing my facial expressions, it was fun! For a short time one of the artist from Artist Alley gave me, Taokaka, a handlebar moustache and a goatee... I looked so awesomely evil, thanks!!!

We hope to be able to see many of you again at Anime Boston 2011!!!

* * *
The con has come and gone and after 5 days of getting about 8hr of sleep total, I was able to sleep to my hearts content.

Friday was a bust as we were still finishing the little details of our cosplay. As a result, GothX was Ragna (coat done with the exception of some added plates) for both the remaining days of Sat. and Sun. Taokaka was not to my liking when I put it on so I was Winry on Sat. so I didn't have to change for our skit later in the evening. On Sunday,
I, Baskat, was Aisha Clan Clan in the chess game.... where I took down Saber from Fate/Stay night only to be the few alive at the end to be slaughtered by the Alucards.

* * *

Our skit "Vash's World" in the Masq went well!!! Unfortunately we got no awards. There were a large number of master level skits that were wonderful! We still had hopes of getting a presentation award for the intermediate level, us, but to no avail.

For those who want to see, ACParadise posted their videos,
YouTube : Vash's World Skit

We would like to thank everyone who cheered for us. As well as those who said we should have gotton something, sorry to disappoint.
* * *
If you happened to have attended, our group did perform in the Masq. for once as well as our usual in the Cosplay Chess Game.

"Anime Celebrity Jeopardy" was our skit, Baskat was Major Mototko and GothX was Wolfwood, the host.
YouTube: Anime Celebrity Jeopardy Skit
We were lucky to receive a judge's award AND the MC's award (a higher level judge's award lol)... yes the MC actually bowed down to us after the skit; BANSAI!!!

We were happy to have found we were mentioned in Coswatch's blog/ review of Anime Boston 2009. Unlike Coswatch saying we could having the potential to win we only got the judges awards. *cries*
Also notable was Electric Sistahood's review of Anime Boston 2009's AMVs with a mention of our skit being, in their opinion, the best skit.

As for the Chess game; GothX was Psycho Mantis while Baskat Was Major Motoko with her 3ft Pen-Pen.